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Heya! Hainricher here!

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Heya folks! My name is Hainricher. I'm 22 years old.


so, i played FFXIV from 1.0, but just for 2 month and i decided to quit, but now ARR comes and i really love the new FFXIV i want to play it. i really want to RP-ing in this game, since i love FF and i want to immerse into the game, that's why i join this forum! :D


I played many MMO before this, but i never RP-ing, so i'm RP noob!! (please help mentor me :blush:). so maybe for starter i will do light to medium RP, after i get the sense of RP-ing maybe i will do heavy RP later!


My main character will be male miqote and main job as White Mage. i have an idea about first name he will be called Rhoe'a, but i still confused about the last name, from beta i used NPC family name which is Khamazom (and i think it's pretty cool name! maybe i will use it :)). And i'm searching for fun RP LS that want to help me :)


So it's a pleasure to meet you all in coalition, hope we can meet in game and have fun together! 8-)

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