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Hi I'm New!


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Hello everybody! New here..... actually brand new here, oh and this site ttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oywqX55_m0U brought me here ;)



The reason why I'm here:


It's my first MMORPG and.... I don't want to play alone! :(



So, a little intro!


well I recently bought/pre-ordered FF14:ARR, just because I've decided that I would try an MMORPG (I've never tried one before). I've been a Final Fantasy fan since FF12. Growing up my parents didn't really want me to play games, so it wasn't until I sold my first painting in high school I had the money to get a PS2 and play Final Fantasy 12. Though I was always aware of the Final Fantasy Franchise.


RP experience:


looking at some of the intros from everybody ells, they all seem to have RP experience. I'm not quite sure what RP (Role Playing) experience means, but I assume I have none? since I've never played an MMORPG before.


Character Ideas:


If this means in game character, then I will be the White mage :D


How did I learn about the coalition?


this cool guy --->  ttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oywqX55_m0U


What kind of a role-player am I aiming to be? light, medium, or heavy?


I think I will start with light? 


Anything from real life I am comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbie}



Hmm, where do I start? I'm an artist, and I love to paint. I'm still in school right now so I don't have a job. My hobbies are painting and searching for inspiring music to listen to.

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Welcome, welcome!  I hope you enjoy your stay on the RPC!


Hm, I'm new as well but maybe I can give some insight from what I've seen.  When the other members mention RP experience, it's not just limited to MMOs.  I myself have never RP'd in an MMO before ARR.  That said, I've done several forum based RPs.  It is simply what experience have you had with roleplaying in general.  Whether it be from MMO's, D&D, forums, or any others.


As for character ideas, there are many awesome people around here who would be more than happy to help you hammer out every little detail on your character.  Such as, what is his/her story, where do they come from, what drives them to be a white mage? 


I hope to see you around, pal!

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Thanks for the welcome guys, so one question though! I need to make a character description before I can join any linkshell to make friends in game?


Well, you have a little bit of time to figure it all out, but I'm sure if you contact some of the various organizations found here at Linkshell Hall, they may be likely to consider you the player for membership, and let the character concept come later. There are plenty of folk who haven't quite nailed down all the details yet ;).

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Thanks for the welcome guys, so one question though! I need to make a character description before I can join any linkshell to make friends in game?


Some of the linkshells are broad in their scope and some are more narrow. Coming up with a character concept can help you to figure out which groups may interest you. For example, if your character is a mercenary swordsman who likes to pound out his own weapons and armor, a crafting guild like Eorzean Labor Union or the Silver Anvil may be right up your alley. If instead your character is a high class Ul'dan noble who never touched a laboring tool in his life, those two groups wouldn't make much sense.


You don't have to have a character concept solidified, but it will help you define which groups would be a good fit for you and your character. When it comes to roleplaying, the first step is by far the biggest step, but once you've designed your character it becomes much easier to get your foot in the door.

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