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An evening in Gridania[Closed]

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OOC notes: Open to anyone. Keep everything IC please, I don't mind conflict but lets keep it mature here and have some fun! If you need to message or talk to someone OOCly, please send them a private message rather than posting a reply in this thread, thank you. Also, feel free to emote for the bar-keeps/various possible NPCs within the tavern. I will only be role playing my character after this initial post. :)


Location: A tavern in Gridania (I'm not 100% sure if there is an actual tavern or inn in Gridania, but for sake of role play, and the fact that the world is likely bigger than the actual In-game version, lets say there is.) located nearby the market district.


I'm not the best at writing scenes, but I wanna RP and I am sure many of you do, too.. Soo here goes nothing!




The sun was beginning to set, sending flickers of light dancing behind the tree-tops. It was the usual quiet night in the Black Shroud, except for the tavern nearby. Shopkeepers often looked to the tavern after closing up their displays with a sigh of relief, what better way to end a day than some sweet mead?


The Tavern was weathered and worn, an old building that showed its age. Charred support beams and walls covered the north side by the enterance, it was a miracle the building survived the Calamity. Inside, laughter and shouts could be heard, along with music and singing. As one enters, the smell of mead would rush out carried by a warm front. The Black Shroud's cooler nights around this season were no match for a packed taverns climate. Comments could be heard around the bar and various tables about people's daily events. Merchants arguing over who profited more in the day, mercenaries shooting glances around in search of a client, men trying in vain to lull a woman into coming home with them. It was your typical tavern. The bar-keep was a pretty little thing, a Miqo'te woman standing at barely four and a half feet. She'd smile with a cheeky grin as you arive, her hands occupied with wiping spilt mead off of the counter. Her brother beside her passing teasing comments at her clumsiness. He stood slightly taller than his sister and maintained an attractive appearance. They certainly knew what would sell a drink, and often had one ready before people arrived to the bar.


In the corner by the fireplace, a young man would be found with a few merchants sitting around him laughing and joking as they usually would. This was Felix Sideris, a midlander who seemed to be in his mid twenties at best. The only thing that stopped him from having a baby face was his facial hair, which ran down his cheeks and into a neatly groomed goatee. His attire was that of a ranger's; dark, woodland colors. Felix's cloak was a pine-green, and wrapped around his shoulders, held together in the front by a simple clasp. He had lowered his hood, and his eyes were closed with a smile pursed upon his lips as he played his pan-pipe.


The song Felix is playing as you enter:


I know it isnt a pan-pipe playing it, but a pan-pipe cover would slow the song down slightly. So you can imagine. ;D Assuming you know what a pan-pipe sounds like!



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After a fairly long day of sifting through papers, Shizu had finally got a chance to relax. Naturally, as she passed the tavern, the smell of mead danced across her sensitive Miqo'te nose. With a grin and a shrug, she put the idea of nap behind her and walked into the tavern, with the allure of some mead fresh in her mind.


After grabbing a mug from the two Miqo'tes managing the bar, Shizu goes to sit at an unoccupied table. Despite working with papers all day, she still wore good looking clothing. It may look like a scholar's outfit, but Shizu had altered it just so, making it a bit more feminine. She was roughly 3 or 4 inches taller than the barmaid, including ears. Her hair was mostly brownish-red, with white fringes, and framed her face neatly. She always wore a hairband to keep it out of her face, but still liked to wear the large mage-type hats, even over the hairband. 


Now, sitting down, she took the hat off, folded it, and stuffed it in her pack. She'd worry about the creases and wrinkles later - for now, she was at a tavern. It was time to relax. 


About then, she noticed the light, flowing notes of a pan flute. Of course, it was a song she had never heard before, but she loved music, and this melody was as catchy as they come. 


After a few bars of listening, she stood and approached the man who was playing the song - a young midlander, who seemed to be about her age. She had a good grasp on the song's beat and tempo now. She placed her drink on the table, and began to drum lightly on the table's surface nearby.


"Just a passing musician, if you don't mind." She said with a smile.

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The light of the moon had already started poking through the blanket canopy of the Shroud when L'yhta finished her meditations at Stillglade Fane, slung her small messenger's bag over her shoulders, and bolted for the door. It wasn't that she didn't like the meditations or the Conjurers per se, just that they could be a bit... stuffy, as far as she was concerned. As the fresh air of the Gridanian evening hit her lungs, her stomach mumbled a protest and her mind immediately catapulted to a most critical issue -- where she was going to eat that evening.


Trusting her nose and ears to guide her to a proper tavern, the miqo'te mage with the long purple hair jogged towards the market district, her low leather boots crunching against the city's paths. It didn't take long before her right ear perked up and twisted in the direction of the tavern, slowly tugging her whole body along with it. "Brilliant!" she exclaimed to no one in particular, then strode inside, tossing the door open with a broad sweep of her arm.


Her mouth opened, perhaps to speak, but then closed into a broad smile as she caught the pan flute tune. With a laugh, she grabbed a nearby and utterly shocked elezen man and whirled him around, dancing him in the direction of the musicians for a few moments before letting him go. Now close enough to listen more clearly, L'yhta continued to dance to the song, her long black robe occasionally flashing a bit of calf covered by black leggings. "Hi!" she called out to the two musicians.


Meanwhile, the unfortunate elezen recipient of an unexpected and altogether uncalled-for dance shook his head in a combination of shock and annoyance and returned to his friends.

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I humbly apologise for the respectable standard my RP lacks, if you wish for me to exit this scene please let me know asap via mail and I will do so immediately >w<




Alex took another slow swig of his mead as he sat quietly alone in a darker corner of the room, away from the busy fireplace, doorway and counter. Resting his pitcher back down on the table once again with a silent thump, he let out a discreet sigh of contempt as another group of rowdy customers made their way into the already-bustling tavern to enjoy a nice, stiff drink after a long and hard day of work. Usually such things didn't bother him, but he was in no mood for it today.


He stared blankly out of a nearby window which was dimly illuminated by a lonely candle sitting on the middle of the sill. He couldn't help but reminisce on the events that had taken place earlier in the afternoon. Sure, it wasn't his fault that the target had been killed in the ambush, nor did it bother him that it would mean that he would only earn half of the promised reward, but rather the fact that he prided himself on always executing a perfect job. He didn't like mistakes and he didn't like the discredit it would bring upon his own skills in the eyes of potential employers, no matter how minor. On top of that, there's no way his pride would allow him to accept even the 50% reduction when he returned to U'ldah in the morning to deliver the target's ring as proof of his defeat. Meaning that the past week he had spent tracking down and sourcing information on the evasive rodent had been all for nothing.


A loud cheer from a nearby group of people disrupted his train of thought, causing him to glance irritatedly in their direction. He analyzed them briefly with his fierce, slate-grey eyes as they continued talking amongst themselves, oblivious to his loathsome glare.


"Tch..." he grunted quietly to himself as he took another, larger gulp of his drink. He was in that kind of state of mind where absolutely anything seemed to annoy him. He would make this his last drink before hiring a room for the night.

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Kevaraan paced down the Gridanian streets, stray leaves crisply punctuating the measured fall of his boots. He knew it was far, far too early to sleep, but could not settle: insomnia had been his nightly company since the Calamity, and today he could tell the first inklings of it were coming early and holding fast. Knowing this, he began his nightly walk early, hoping the sunset would soothe his mind with its array of autumnal colors.


Were it not for the faint, airy notes of the panpipe, Kevaraan wouldn't have stopped at the door. No, taverns weren't his place: the drinks were distasteful in more than one sense, and the chatter made it hard to focus. But, upon hearing the music, he was compelled to crane his neck around the doorway.


He saw at least two Miqo'te, and one of them was dancing. The rest of the place, though reasonably populated, didn't seem near as lively.


Slowly, he walked into the tavern, making an attempt at subtlety. Perhaps the music, or the unintelligible lull of conversation, would drag him back to the fringe of fatigue. 


Kevaraan leaned against the wall and noticed that he was quite taller than either of the two females near the panpipe player; he stood at about five feet and nine inches, tall for his kind. He wore a long brown jacket with a vest and pants to match, likely purchased from a leatherworking shop in the city. 


He made some attempts at sweeping his long, dark hair away from his face while he watched the group, his pale green eyes scanning the rest of the bar. As the song continued, he tried to smile, but the resultant expression was little more than a vague twitching-up of the corners of his mouth.

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Shizu looked over to the dancing Miqo'te and nodded with a smile as she continued to drum along with the pan flute. She continued trying to drum with one hand while she took a long sip from her mug, only to place it back down and continue drumming along.


She hadn't had a nice break to let loose in a while, and was determined to enjoy it while she could.

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Felix finished his song before giving the scholarly Miqo'te woman the attention she diserved. His head canted and he bowed it lightly


"Good evening!" He exclaimed with a friendly gresture of his hand. His fingers drumming on his pan-pipe as he lowered it into his lap. The man was sitting on a table with one foot in a chair, the other hanging freely. From the judge of this, he was likely to be on the taller end for midlanders. "Do you have a request, hun?"


Felix gained a broad smile and watched L'yhta, shaking his head. "That's what I like to see! I can't play much on this old thing, but if you ladies have requests I will try to accommodate. Otherwise.. I have another in mind that will get those feet moving."

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Shizu merely grinned, taking another gulp of mead. "Play whatever you like! If I can catch the melody, I'll drum along." She hopped herself up onto the table beside Felix, and placed a nearby empty food tray on her lap for her to drum on. 


She stretched out her arms and hands, cracking her knuckles. "Ready when you are, sir!" She tossed another big smile at Felix.

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Felix grew a smirk and pursed his lips, "Well then! I suppose I will have to put you to the test, won't I?" He winked to her, a shoulder bumping her own in a friendly manner.


With that said, he wasted little time before pulling the pan-pipe to his lips again, beginning his next song. The gentle melody started off slow and gradually picked up the pace as his eyes set upon his new-found partner in music to see if she could catch the flow.


A hand raised and gestured to the bar as he played. Not long after the young Miqo'te woman came over with a bounce of a gait and placed a mug beside Felix, filled with what was likely to be a juice of some kind, as it gave off a sweet scent.


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Shizu listened for a moment. The song seemed to start with a few changing tempos, but it steadied itself after a number of bars. When the steadied melody began, Shizu quickly picked up a rhythm, and drummed in time with the pan flute, tapping her foot along to the beat, trying to keep her drumming steady.


Having found a strong beat, she looked back at Felix. "Some test this is!" She said, grinning, while adding flourishes to the beat. It was clear she was just showing off now.

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Rolled his eyes, his song continued for a few more minutes before it gradually came to a close, quickly taking a drink of the sweet drink beside him. Felix glanced over to the woman besides him and smiled, a hand extending, "Felix. Does my new partner have a name?" Teasing at her, his eyes glanced at her make-shift drum. "Not bad use of that, either."


Felix looked around the room and sat quietly for a moment, letting people digest the music before thinking about what song he should play next. He noticed the two men in the distance, eyes peering over their features as he flicked to the usual tavern-goers as well.

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Kevaraan closed his eyes as the next song started. He began to lapse into a sort of meditative state, blocking out the intermingled tavern speech. The wooden table-drumming provided a quiet accent to the steady rhythm of his heartbeat; he let his mind go wild with images and color as the song continued.


When the bard offered up a name, Kevaraan snapped awake. His eyes narrowed as they readjusted to the light, and he shook his head in an attempt to regain the bearings that briefly had melted away.


Knowing that any attempt at smiling would be both odd and hard to discern, he simply broke into measured applause. Not too fast, nor too slow--loud enough to be heard, but certainly not enough to incite the rest of the patrons.

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At the change in song, L'yhta took the opportunity to pirouette to a stop, a grin on her face. "Whew! Okay, I'll leave you two to it, because I have got to get something to drink before I keel over." With that, she walked over to the bar, passing the barkeep on her way and making their height differential quite obvious; she stood nearly a full fulm taller than that one, and almost a half a fulm taller than the miqo'te musician.


As Felix and Shizu played their second song, L'yhta's tail and ears bobbed along with the beat as she kept time with her right foot. Once the barkeep returned from making her delivery, she ordered, "Hey short stuff! Uh... whatever you have that's beer-like for me, aaand whatever the house special is tonight, aaand their next round's on me," with a flick of her thumb towards the two musicians.


Once their song finished, L'yhta plucked her recently delivered stein of ale from the bar and walked with purpose back to the two. Taking a seat at the table with a dramatic flourish of her tail, she nodded to both of them and clapped her hands together. "So, hi again! That was a great set, both of you -- very snappy. So your next round of drinks is on me, and I'm L'yhta, and you two are...?"

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Looked over to Kevaraan, his head bowing in thanks. Felix was happy to make others happy, and knowing that someone enjoyed his song satisfied him.


His eyes soon adjusted to the lively Miqo'te who stationed herself nearby. Lips tugging into a smile as his head canted, "Hello there. Ooohh? A round of drinks on you?" He teased, eyes looking over the woman. "Well then. I'll surely have to take that offer. I can't get enough of this juice." With that said, Felix took a drink. Afterwards he placed the empty wooden cup upon the table and drummed his fingers on his knee. "Felix, it is a pleasure, L'yhta. You seemed to enjoy the music, have any requests? Otherwise I have another in mind."


Felix stood, rolling his shoulders and stretching. His neck cracked a few times before he sat back down and adjusted himself into a comfortable position. The warm fire caressed those around it, sending their shadows dancing along the walls behind them.

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"It's great to meet you, Felix!" she proclaimed, demonstrating her questionable command of an inside voice. She took a pull from her stein and leaned in. "I don't really know any good pan flute music, though a sea shanty might be interesting on one... though maybe a little too rowdy for a Gridanian tavern," she remarked with a grin before continuing, clearly unable to apply brakes to her train of thought. "What kind of juice is that you're drinking, anyway?"

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"An odd thing. A honeyed lemon-apple combination. I don't suggest it if you don't have a sweet tooth.. Although the lemon adds a tart twist, so it isn't too overpowering. I've never been much of an ale-drinker though." Felix confessed, laughing lightly at himself. "Hmm.. Well, I suppose I could offer up another tune or two. Somethin' a little more relaxing for the gentlemen in the back."


Felix paused a moment, watching the woman briefly before his eyes glazed over in thought. After a few moments time he raised the pan-pipe to his lips and closed his eyes. Following a deep, relaxing breath and sigh, he began.


His hand followed what might be taken as tradition and raised into the air, gesturing to the bar-keep to bring him a refill. With that, he winked to L'yhta in thanks for the drink.


Felix would be playing the flute part of it only.(I know that might be obvious but I wanted to clarify just incase)



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When the barmaid brought Felix his refill, Kevaraan politely called her over before she could return to the bar, and asked for the same type of drink. He gently plunked a few coins into her free hand, about twice the cost of the drink, and quietly murmured something about keeping the tip. She gazed at him skeptically, as if unsure what to think of the gesture. His face remained straight, and eventually she nodded and smiled.


Kevaraan pressed the mug to his lips, watching the performers in his peripheral vision. The drink was fresh, slightly floral, although he supposed they must have put less honey and more lemon juice in his serving.


He had to grin from under the mug at the bard's suggestion of relaxing music; he liked this a fair bit better. The man was thoughtful. 



I wish they played this sort of music at the Amphitheatre, he thought.


Taking small sips from the juice, Kevaraan continued to watch the group. Once or twice, he caught his gaze straying to the Highlander, but he never let it linger long, remaining silent.

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Alex gripped his temple firmly in reaction to the elevated noise within the tavern. He had yet to break his focus from the pitcher he was gripping loosely is his right hand but it seemed that another musician had accompanied the pan flute player. A drummer at that, which served as a perfect combination with his already throbbing headache. He closed his eyes slowly as he gently massaged his forehead with the tips of his nimble fingers in a vain attempt to sooth his increasing discomfort.


"Ahaha, ahahaaaaaaaaa~" a nearby, bellowing laughter echoed towards Alex's corner of the room as it quickly drew closer and closer. A man who had been drinking with a small group of friends stumbled backwards until he finally lost his balance and tumbled backwards over Alex's table. The man's sudden collision knocked Alex's drink clean out of his hand and sent the pitcher flying off of the oaken table, spilling the remainder of his drink onto his newly-crafted, leather armour. Alex immediately stood up from his chair and backed away from the table, eyeing his stained armour with a quickly expanding scowl.


The man quickly got to his feet and turned to face Alex, reaching an arm out to his shoulder apologetically as he tried to make amends for spoiling his quiet drink and expensive attire. Alex immediately shot his eyes away from his armour and locked them on to the culprit. His arm shot forward with great speed, grabbing them man violently by his collar. His cold eyes shot a menacing look into those of the older hy'ur who was raising both of his hands submissively before Alex in a silent plea for him not to hurt him. Alex was already near breaking point. He continued to hold the man by his collar, breathing heavily in immense irritation as he battled with his own thoughts on whether or not he wanted to risk a bar fight by striking the man.


"Please..." a gentle and feminine voice called out to the side of Alex. A young miqo'te gently placed her hands on Alex's outstretched arm in a lulling attempt to request that he subside. He slowly turned his glance towards her, analyzing her pacifying eyes and gentle touch for a moment. He returned his glare to the man confined against the wall, studying him for a short while longer. His rapid breathing dwindled slightly before he finally, briskly released the man from his firm grip. He briefly surveyed his surroundings after doing so. Not many people seemed to have noticed the miniature scuffle due the the noise and activity within the bar.


"We're sorry for the trouble. Please let us buy you a new drink" the young miqo'te finally added, as she remained calmly and ever so slightly gripping his arm. Alex gave the young miqo'te a quick and final look before grunting and shaking his arm free of her grip rudely before proceeding past her towards the tavern door.

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This song lasted a bit longer than the previous, and Felix seemed to sway back and forth as he lost himself in his performing. He enjoyed playing at the taverns, and did so for free. Watching people move to the music, or become inspired or cheered up by his little efforts became, over time, something very soothing to him. Although despite this, he would likely have to be dragged, possibly quite literally, to play in a large crowd.


Various folk had come and gone, new faces appearing as the night-life took hold of their usual seats in the tavern. The male bar-keep looked around the room before making his way over to the far corner, opening a window. It created a gentle draft which carried some of the now-building muggy air out of the room. His sister seemed to have spilled another drink as she made a frusterated grumble and her tail went swishing each and every way. Hurried hands fumbling around and she tried to clean up her mess.


Felix seemed mostly unphased by the rough housing in the back, his eyes watching the scene. It was a usual thing, spilt blood often followed spilt drinks, even in Gridania. The woodwailers did a good job of keeping the peace, or rather, enforcing it. His eyes followed Alex as he made for the door, a slight frown tugging at his lips as he played. He never liked not being able to improve someone's mood.

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The brawl caught Kevaraan's eye, and he felt some primal instinct flare up in the back of his mind, frantically calling for him to vacate the tavern. The vast majority of patrons did not turn an eye; soon, he saw it was over before it had had a chance to escalate. He watched the Highlander's large frame pass between the door and meld with the falling night.


Soon after, a clatter of porcelain was heard, and Kevaraan looked down to see the barmaid frantically cleaning up a spill, racing against the spreading liquid. He moved over to her and knelt down, attempting to help the girl soak up the beverage with a spare linen cloth from a nearby table. His eyes carefully inspected the wood, in case the mug had chipped or shattered.

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Felix finished up his song and placed his pan-pipe carefully beside him, taking up his drink to take a small sip. The tavern seemed to grow quiet after the small scene, everyone talking quietly amongst themselves. The last thing they wanted at this time of night was the woodwailer's attention.


Felix raised his drink up, nodding his head at Kevaraan as he walked over to help the Miqo'te. The glow of the fire started to die down and it caught Felix's gaze, which in turn brought him to place another timber upon the fire. It would be just enough to last until midnight, which was when the tavern closed the bar.


"Summer nights and I can almost smell autumn." He said, mostly to himself. A small grunt of a laugh escaping his lips before his cup was brought to its desired place.

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I beg your pardon, my character is actually a midlander >w< Sorry that was my fault for not describing him initially



Pausing at the doorway, Alex gave another glance down towards his armour under the well-illuminated entranceway. In truth, he knew that he had fussed over nothing. After all, blood stains much harder than any drink would, but bad mood aside that wasn't unlike him. He saw himself as a VIP and usually couldn't take the passive route when provoked.


Alex gripped the black, iron doorknob and coiled it towards him, opening the large, creaky door ajar as he peered out into the darkness. It wasn't his first time in Gridania but he had never spent much time anywhere other than the tavern. He swore under his breath as he drew the door back to a close. He didn't fancy the idea of lurking around and asking for directions off of busy strangers who would likely only further anger him. Glancing around the tavern, he scanned for an evident local who wasn't consumed in conversation with their peers. The bartenders both seemed to be very busy and he didn't have the patience to hang around for much longer. Finally, his eyes caught the pan flute player. He seemed to be between songs and would surely provide him with directions.


Alex briskly turned and made his way through the people as he made a beeline for the young musician.

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Felix had sat back down at his spot, looking at the approaching man. He gave him a friendly nod and extended a hand, "Evening sir." He said with a smile. "Is there anything I can help you with?"


He pulled placed his belt of satchels upon the table and awaited his answer. Eyes absently inspected where the ale had spilt.

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((That may have been my fault for not re-skimming before I first posted. I apologize.))




Eventually, the two of them managed to mop up the spill and wipe that section of the floor clean. She scurried off with a bit of a sprightly step, sighing to herself and seeming relieved at the decreasing number of customers. Now she could rest easier.


Kevaraan moved to approach Felix and thank him for playing, but the Midlander had done so first. He approached off to the side, being sure to respect the Midlander's personal space; as he waited for the man to finish his inquiry, he smoothed out his unusually long ears.

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Alex glanced down at the man's extended hand briefly before stating his business, blatantly ignoring the man's welcoming gesture. 


"I'm looking for an inn. Know where I can find one?" he spoke concisely, simply seeking to end the day as quickly as possible.


He studied the young man firmly as he awaited his response. The warmth from the dying fire continued to enwrap itself around Alex, offering a homely and comforting feel, contrasting that of the lonely corner he has previously been occupying.

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