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:moogle: Hi all,


First and foremost I'd like to commend you all on a wonderful job of providing everyone with the cornucopia of information to get us all started.


I'll start with a short dossier about myself:8-)


Age: 36

Gender: Male

Time Zone:EST (NE Ohio)

Occupation: Medical Imaging (MRI, CT, X-ray)

MMO History: Ultima Online (Late 90s), NWN1, SWG(PreCU), WoW(Burning Crusade). FFXI(Garuda), NWN2( Moonlight & Shadows ), GW1&2, Neverwinter(sigh).



I would consider myself an avid RPer in the terms of an environment that allowed for complete immersion, however, I have yet to really dabble into large scale MMO RP due to the numerous distractions that prevent me getting in the mood. I'll elaborate. My primary lore focus stemmed from 3.0 and 3.5 Forgotten Realms D&D which enabled me to provide customized content as a GM & Builder on the NWN2 server listed above. We were a strict bunch with heavy RP based guidelines: Naming conventions ,story application, metagaming enforcement etc.


I guess what I'm trying to say is that I felt that there was more control in educating our community to fit our RP standards and reflect the level of immersion that we desired with the content that we could build to foster personal character growth & development and member satisfaction. When you have that chemistry of everyone who is on board as well as the right platform that's what leads to memorable characters and triggers the nostalgia. To date I haven't really experienced that "place you call home" feeling again that I did back then.:frustrated:


This is why I am currently here and hope I can rekindle that creative aether from those good ol days with the help from a new community. Even though the platform is a bit more restrictive I'll give it my best shot.


So I guess I'll start with a question for the RP community beta testers. Do you think this game has the right combination of tools and mechanics to foster an immersive RP experience for someone RP spoiled like me?

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I would suspect you would probably be able to find your niche somewhere here, Dubs :). FFXIV from a mechanical standpoint facilitates role play fairly well; there are a good number of emotes, you can walk, sit, etc. Within the community, you'll find all levels of role play strictness, and if you take a look at some of the forum threads, you'll see that's the case...luckily, we seem to be able to incorporate all RP play styles here within the forums with very little head-butting and drama :D


Dunno if that's the type of shallow input you are looking for, but that's just what I have in the way of an intro :blush:. Take a look at how some of the conversations are shaking out on the boards to see if its a group of people, and a game, that you'd like to get further involved with...for most people, I think, that answer becomes "yes" in a rather short time :)

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