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Another Newbie!

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Hello everyone!

I ran across this great site from the beta forums. The community here seems fantastic and I'm excited to play Final Fantasy with everyone!


I've been playing MMO's since Ultima Online, played FFXI on release as well. My XI characters were Zeraf and Andavar. I combined their characters for XIV to fit the lore, and to avoid anime references. (I didnt know!) :cry:


RP'ing has always been interesting to me, though I've always kept it light. Most of my Rp'ing has been on Wow, though it didn't take much for me to Rp as a blood elf. :D


I dont have a backstory down for my character, just Miqo'te Arcanist so far. I think im rambling now... again, glad to be here and cant wait to meet everyone!

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Welcome! =) Always fun to have more jumping into the community!


Along with the Gilgamesh event link provided for you, you might also want to take advantage of the Mentorship thread if you haven't for help on backstory for your character or RP in general. Though you'll always find folks to help with that in the RP discussion board too.

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Welcome to the forum! Really cool character name! :3


You'll find plenty of inofrmation, topics, suggestions, posts and people to help you discover and create the history behind your character and I'm sure over time you will be able to develop them throughout playing. I hope you have fun with it; creating character backgrounds is exciting for me. I am forever changing my ideas. :D

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