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I. Basic Info



  • Characters: Eve Nightingale, Anselm Graybringer
  • Primary character: Eve Nightingale
  • Linkshells: Not sure yet!
  • Primary RP linkshell: Uhh, unknown!



II. RP Style


  • Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy):
    Medium - Heavy. I really enjoy RP, and that can definitely take up the majority of my playtime on a game. But I also really enjoy PvE and questing and leveling and collecting armor and story! So there may be times that you'll see me waltzing around the world out of character just doing PvE stuff.


  • Views on RP combat and injuries:
    I really like keeping things in line when roleplaying, so I have no issue with playing out injuries and combat and such. Actions have consequences. And that's what makes roleplay so fun!


  • Views on IC romance:
    Who doesn't enjoy a good love story? I think it can be great and extremely fun! Romance brings characters together, can put them in exciting situations, and lead to all sorts of interesting plots. My main character (Eve) is going to come into the game with a prearranged romantic relationship, but yeah!


  • Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc):
    Totally love it! There are endless possibilities! It's the main sort of roleplay I think I take part in. Adventure, making friends, making enemies. Losing friends, overcoming enemies. So much to do, so little time.


  • Views on lore:
    I don't know much about this world yet, but I definitely try to stick to lore as much as possible. I'm don't really enjoy roleplay that pulls from one universe and implants into another. I don't want to roleplay Game of Thrones in FFXIV or anything like that, lol.


  • Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc):
    I think that channels like /say and such are strictly IC. It seems rude to clutter that up with OOC chat. If I have something to say OOCly, I'll whisper whoever it is I'm trying to contact or (if I'm speaking to multiple people) I'll try to keep it short, sweet, and in OOC brackets.



III. Other Info


  • Country: USA
  • Timezone: Pacific
  • Contact info: PMs over the forum work just fine!

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