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listen to my story ps. its first one sorry if its bad

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I grew up in the city of Ul dah my mom had died when i was born and she had left me in the care of a traveling swordsman who was a close friend of hers he went by the name Kaito but i had always called him Master he gave me the name Cross cause he like the name Cross it's a strong name he would say he taught me how read , write , fish and swordplay he taught me honor and to live with my head held high his dreams became my dream his goals became my goals then fives years ago Master went off to fight in the last war he order me stay behind and i throught everthing be ok that we would win war and he would come home how wrong i was that night the sky lit up and the moon was a big brightred then came the cracking sound then Great dragon burst from the sky i froze in fear as fire rain down people ran for cover my mind wonder to my master was he ok ? what was going on? with tears in my eyes i ran fast as i could through city calling for him i barely made it out of the city when was engluft in a blue light

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