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Hello everyone!


I'm a newcomer to FFXIV (I didn't play 1.0, or know anything about it really), signed up to the beta on a whim, and I've been playing it near nonstop since. I made some really good friends through the beta, and my best friend of the beta, an experienced MMO RPer, has encouraged me to join him RPing over on Gilgamesh when Phase 4 starts!


Now, as you could guess, I'm a complete newbie to RPing in an MMO (I've been RPing for years via forums and the like) so I've spent a lot of time reading around, especially here, so I eventually decided to sign up. MMO RP seems relatively similar to the way I RP the most at the moment (Which is over IRC) except of course with a visual medium, so I'm feeling sort of confident with how I'll go when I actually try the game out.


I've come up with a character (A Miqo'te Keeper of the Moon) and a bit of a backstory, and right now, I'm working through the 100 Questions To Ask Your Character text to flesh it out more. I started it speaking as a creator about her character, but I think I'm going to be moving more towards answering it as my character (With notes as required in brackets)


In real life, I'm a part time student thanks to chronic illness, with a focus on sciences, especially biololgical sciences. Last year, the only class I took was Creative Writing, where I focused on developing characters, and poetry, while writing stories was something I was not strong at (Which contributes to me being a reactive roleplayer) I also live in Australia, meaning I live in weird and wonky timezones, so you'll probably never end up seeing me in game xD


This has...gotten long, so I'll end it here and get back to work xD Feel free to ask me any questions (Though I can't think of anything that would warrant one) and hopefully I'll see you in game!

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Welcome to the forums. It's always nice to see fellow Australians. I wish my university offered a creative writing class. It sounds like it would be fun.


It sounds as though you've got your character planned. The prompts around the forums are great for deepening your character. I hope your stay here is a long and pleasant one and that we run into each other when I visit Gilgamesh.

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