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New person. Old person.

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Hello everyone! I am in the interesting position of being both old and new at the same time. 


I'm new to this site, and new to FF14ARR. But I did play FF14 pre-ARR for a while. I wasn't at the time able to afford a monthly sub and so my account lapsed. But life has been much kinder to me and so I have the game pre-ordered with some money set aside to actually play. :lol:


In general I've been RPing for at least 15 years. I RP'd in FF14, FF11 as well as quite a few other MMO's over time (Most recently has been EVE Online, for a year and a half, and Star Trek Online). Also I love D&D, mostly attached to 3.5 but I've done 2nd Ed all the way to 4th with a bit of Pathfinder on the side. Also quite alot of old World of Darkness (Yay Mage!) and GURPS.


I'm a sucker for space games and fantasy games. But I think my biggest love (addiction?) was FF11 for a bit over 6 years, started around Chains of Promathia, around one year after NA launch. Mained Dragoon and Bard, eventually shifting to main Puppetmaster and held on to that till I had to stop. In FF14 I was mostly Pugilist and Lancer, but with ARR and the introduction of Arcanist/Summoner, I think I will be focusing on that. I adore pet classes and support classes, so it seems perfect. Can't wait to see it.


Due to some issues, I'm actually going to be starting my character over so I won't be dragging my FF14 legacy character over. But it will mostly be the same character. Eviticus Polevhia. I have quite alot of reading to do on lore and backstories because as things are currently I don't know alot about what happened in 14 after I stopped (well I know about the cataclysm, but not alot else). So in order to write up proper character history and all that, I have alot of work to do!


RPing to me is probably going to be the thing that keeps me in the game the most. I love social aspects of games (not to be confused with social games in general. Sorry, but things like Second Life kinda bore me a bit) and I like to mix that with PvE to keep me interested. 


Hmmm...what else...Oh, it's totally Nahue's fault that I'm here at the RPC. He told me about this place. ^_^ So blame him.

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Welcome Evi!


There's a lot of information found within these forums, and many a discussion regarding various aspects of the game, so there's a lot here that will help bring you up to speed on some of the differences and occurrences between 1.0 and ARR.


Glad you took the time to introduce yourself, hope to be able to RP with you in the future :thumbsup:

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Thank you for the welcome! :moogle:


Currently I am working on puzzling out Evi in FF14ARR. I did RP in v1.0, but I don't think I did too much or got too involved in anything. So if I sort of 're-imagine' her background hopefully that will go smoothly. Part of the reason for it is to tie in her magic background (Arcanist specifically).

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