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these are some question about the miqo te?

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1- There's no mention of the lifespan of any of the races, sadly.

2- There's no indication that they don't age, so it's most practical to think they do. The character creator supports this: when making a male, one of the faces looks very youthful, while there's another one that looks much more mature.

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I was able to tease a little lore out of beta forums Thread: FFXIV: A Realm Reborn Player Feedback Status List that touches on your question number 2.



"The male Miqo'te markings are a special characteristic of the race, and aren't actually tattoos. They are born with these markings and they become deeper in color as they grow older, but similar to people who have thin and thick facial hair, there are individual differences. With that said, there are some female Miqo'te face types that do not have this, but all of the male face types do."

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There is no mention about the life span of any race? I thought I read something about Elezen living for hundreds of years...or am I now confusing Elder Scrolls lore with Final Fantasy lore >.> or maybe FFXI lore with XIV?? Maybe it was the Padjal that live for a long time? :dazed:


Ah! Found it!...kind of... at least the Elezen part.


"They are also possessed of a somewhat extended lifespan in comparison to the Hyur. "


Well...I haven't been any help to this thread xD. Time to go to bed for me!

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