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Eternal Challenger [Back Story of sorts. OOC Welcomed]


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A/N: The Bold is there to help represent my characters mental defect, to be read in a slightly more deeper and condescending voice.



'How long has it been since that horrific battle? That fateful day where so many of my comrades were cut down by those damned Garleans, where the true horrors of war were displayed for all to see. I was naive to think all forms of combat could be seen as pure and honorable, a mistake I'll not make twice.


I should mention the time I was held captive too, I suppose. Investigating a rumor of Garlean spys in The Black Shroud, which as I would find out, turned out to be rather true.


I was taken by surprise as I found an arrow lodged into my upper thigh, which given my height, knocked me down quite fast. The faces of my attackers were to be forever burned into my mind, for it was during my time spent there as a prisoner that I gave into my blood lust. Where I felt parts of my inner self come to the forefront, manifesting into their own personalities and traits while still being me. I'm still unsure of all of it as I write this down. I needed to survive, to live on for the ones that were lost, my hatred and rage gave me strength and helped me cope with the actions I was to perform the following week.


The cries of the men I mutilated the day rescue came still echo throughout my dreams, yet it always brings a smile to my lips. Justice was served with each punch and kick I brought down onto their bodies, blows still raining down despite their lifelessness. Perhaps it was a special way for me to prove that this madness was not such a bad thing. Things like honor and grace had no more meaning, it was better to just... Let loose.'



Lren stared down at the tattered journal, reading over his words as a small off setting smile crept across his lips.


"My bloods already boiling... Suppose It's time to give this a small rest and get back to training." The Elezen muttered softly as stood, grabbing at the spectacles that lay folded next to the journal. "The rage issue needs a bit more polishing it seems. Looks like another pleasant trip to the Falls, huh?"


-------------------------- Part 1 End --------------------------


A small backstory I've finally decided to sit down and write, sorta started out as something else before it turned into him writing in a journal xD. Only partially proof read so there are bound to be mistakes here and there. Just feels nice to get the rust off, so to speak.

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The dull roar of the waterfall caused the Elezen to smile some, though this one would be more sincere and genuine. A small pack lay slung over his back as he would continue to walk to his destination, his mind finally starting to calm down after the rush of memories came back. 


'We should find something more entertaining.' His other self pushed itself inside of his thoughts now, eyes closing as he'd mutter his response.


"I've a mind to try a few new techniques that I've been watching the other Lancer's perform. We cannot fall behind in our training, less we give our enemies an advantage."


'Tch, our hands are all we need to make any enemy drown in a sea of their own blood. You're wasting our time.'



"This will be a way for us to loosen the restraint. Our survival will be absolute or do you think I am misjudging this? We are one in the same, you should see the logic behind it."


Silence followed before Lren simply shook his head, hands moving up to adjust his glasses as one boot would splash into the crystal clear water below. The Mercenary let a smirk spread across his lips as he neared his destination. It would feel good to prove to himself that adapting to other forms of combat would be beneficial.

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Upon arriving at the Falls, the Elezen simply turned his calm gaze towards the running water. It was funny how water always seemed to calm him down, even in moments of crisis. The spot was just far enough out of the way where he'd seldom get visitors and those that did stumble onto the site where challenged to a friendly spar, should they seem able.

"Every mistake is a lesson." He repeated his masters words, tapping at his forehead as he placed the pack onto the ground.


'Mistake? Error in judgement sounds like a much better way to put it.'



"It's hard to make a calm and sound judgement when your opponent is seeking to make you lovers with the ground below, you know." Lren would murmur quietly to himself, a soft chuckle escaping him as his eyes would drift to the spear that lay impaled into a log stump.


'Taking things lightly won't lead us to improvement.'



"A moment here and there isn't cause for alarm. Just... Lightning the mood, so to speak. If we stay too tense, an injury is much more likely, yes?"


A soft sigh escaped through his nose as he'd casually stroll to the spear, wrapping his fingers around it before he'd remove it from the old piece of wood. "We spend some time with practicing what we were told and then brush up on other skills. Think that's fair." The Elezen would say, turning around as if to face someone behind him but of course, there would be the sight of the Falls before him.


"Dunno why I think that will ever change. We are the same after all." He'd trail off before beginning his new training regime!

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An example conversation that would take place during training.




'Don't you think it's time we go and seek him out? We still owe that man for humiliating us back then... We should teach him the reason why we are to be feared!'



'And just what would that accomplish? Other than to make our presence known, I don't see any advantage to us being offered in the long run. We still have trouble dealing with certain travelers. If we cannot defeat those that challenge us, what chance will have against our brother?'


'The strangers are of no concern to us, though there are a few we must look into more. After all, bruises painted across their body would be a work of art. Let me ask you this, though... Are you afraid of defeat at his hands again? Let that be our strength, so that our body may move unpredictably!'



'There is something to be learned in defeat, that being said... I'd rather strike with a calm hand, than one simply running off adrenaline. While being unpredictable has it's advantages, it leaves us open as well. Going in while being calm will allow us to not slip up as we did before, so that we may make our move when he is vulnerable.'


'Tch, valid point. However, sitting by our lonesome as we defend attacks will not get us victory. Unless we'd like to end up bloodied and battered like before, consider how we will get in on him. Let each hit count and be filled with our strength, let his bones feel our fury and rage!'




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Lren dipped his bare feet into the cool river water as the gentle moonlight bathed the surrounding area in a faint light. The rage that had threatened to consume his thoughts had seemed to pass, much to the relief of the Duskwight. Even then, he wouldn't relent in his training.


His pale skin was amplified by the soft moonlight, the top of his Gi laying beside the river as he would stand tall. How he longed for the thrill of battle again but not for the same reasons his other side did. The man wanted to keep testing his strength, to continue bettering himself and his skill. Though the Spear was indeed an interesting weapon to wield, he knew that deep down he could always truly rely on his own two hands. The new weapon would open up more opportunities, a chance to make it an extension of his own body. Perhaps with more time, it could provide the same joy.


Each day became more of a challenge, to press the burning desire to exact revenge on those that wronged him but in the end, it would simply leave him empty. The Garleans had tried and succeeded in bringing out his true rage once before, though that form of strength was wild and lacked discipline. It was not the sort of warrior he wanted himself to be.


It would be a few days before he returned back to the city, to learn from the Lancer's Guild and to gather up supplies.


The time to test his strength against the world would soon be arriving once again.

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