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The Master of None [uh Backstory OOC?]

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Twas a normal day in the city. as usual many different people arrive by airship to start there days. the sounds of the engines as they whine down, the shops and there shopkeepers hailing people as they walk by, children playing in the  street....yes a normal day in the city....aaand then theres Garall.... the self proclaimed #1 "guide" to the city...the young elezen hyur halfbreed who spends his days with his pet carbuncle barth trying to earn gil by what some may call "questionable" means. as his eyes glare into the crowds looking for his next "client". he spots a man approaching a young woman in an ally dagger in hand the man threatens her to give him her gil in exchange for her life.....Gerall dashs in knocking the man down making him drop the blade the man scuffles away shouting "Gerall you'll pay for this i swear by the twelve you will" Greall laughing back at him "ha ha ha my good man ive yet to pay for anything to any who have said that to me" Gerall turns around to the woman helping her to her feet saying "you need to be more careful my dear this is a dangerous city" the woman thanks Gerall " thank you so much. you saved me. i didn't know the city was so dangerous ....i might have to hire an escort" a smerk stretches across Geralls Face as he explains to the woman " todays your lucky day my dear. i just so happen to be a jack of all trades....one of those trades  are in the protection of others" the woman excitingly exclaims "OH GREAT!.... how much do you charge mr?....she asks Gerall replys "Gerall...Gerall Esteim at your service my dear....for you...ill give you a deal for being so beautiful....250 gil for the day....what say you to that" the woman reluctantly says "that is an awfully high amount just for one day...but you did save my life so...alright deal" so she hands him the gil Gerall calls out to his carbuncle"WONDERFUL. if you don't mind i must deliver a letter to my uh...mother...yes thats it my mother. barthanduelus my dear boy come here. you know where this goes" the carbuncle scurys away out the ally and up some stairs....sitting there on a bench is the man who had the dagger smiling as he pats the carbuncle on the head saying " atta boy barthy..bring it ere" inside the letter the sum of 100...and 25  gil........

first timer guys lol *squints eyes* not in the face

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