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The Letter home. [Closed]

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"It's hard to appreciate just how damn much it hurts to have your back split by an axe that's told to weigh almost as much as you do. The pain isn't immediate like some would think, there's a brief moment where your entire body goes completely numb and you don't feel anything, before a sensation not unlike pouring acid on yourself snakes in, growing in intensity for what to you may feel like an eternity; Truth is it's only been a second or two.

As your body falls from the power of the blow, and you become aware of ribs having been cleaved straight off from around your spine, organs carved like stock at a butcher's market stall, your own hot crimson blood pooling around you and flowing up your gullet, forcing you to gag on the coppery taste... Well, it's an experience to say the least. No matter how strong you are, or resiliant you claim to be, when a maruader takes note of you, and pulls that weapon of his, especially a Roegadyn with deep crimson skin making him look like a demon on his own; Remember to damn well run away.

Now obviously, for me to be writing this, i had to have survived this very thing, and you're right. I can barely even remember the exact moment the cold bronze cut into me. But it wasn't well deserved. You see, i'm what you might call a victim of grandieur. A foolish little girl who thought she could strike out big as an adventurer in a new world.

Eorzea is still reletively unexplored, names are being taken when you find something new, especially if you beat it to a pulp and then bring back an arm or a leg as proof of the deed. Fame and adventuring seem to go hand in hand, at least that's what i believed.

Now i bet you are wondering what the heck that has to do with marauders, you've probably have never met one, or been to the city of Limsa Lominsa. Marauder isn't quite the right term for them you see, they're actually cut throats, pirates, corsairs. Brigands that plunder other ships for bounty, infamy, and for the hell of it. And for some odd reason, they also run a guild. Quite openly, and have little opposition from anyone else.

A bright eyed Miqo'te like myself, i couldn't exactly pass up a chance to see REAL pirates. I would have marched into their guild hall on my own had they not come for me.


The seas were pretty rough that night, and the ship i was aboard was hardly what you'd call a defensible vessel. It only had two areas, above deck, and cargo. Sure there was a cabin for the captain, but the skeleton crew didn't need much room to sleep and most of them had to be awake for duty, there were usually only five men on deck at once. Easy prey.

The first warning we got was cannon fire, blazing balls of elementally charged lead crashing through the old hull of our meek little trauler. Near everyone aboard was an adventurer looking for a cheap fare, and so we were almost all armed quite readily. I on the other hand was only armed with a hand me down gladius i bought from a merchant at the port.

I suppose you could say i was never particularly prepared for anything like this to occur.

Corsairs swung accross from their ship on ropes tied to the mainsail, purposed for just such an occassion, the roar or the sea and the thunder of gunpowder exploding every which way soon broke out as they saw fit to kill the crew up top. The captain making a brave stand against them with his own pistol.

The doors to the hold where twenty armed adventurers were waiting was forced open from our side, splintering as we filtered out, screaming and hollering like banshees, throwing ourselves at our enemies. Guns soon gave way to steel being drawn, each of the corsairs wielding massive two handed axes, as was their trademark in these waters.

Yes, we're getting to the explanation now aren't we?

My pitiful little blade offered little against their massive reach and powerful swings, i nearly lost my head countless times as i dodged and weaved between them, Elezen cleaving at my neck, and Lalafel striking out at my legs. Were it not for the aid of a hume who had the brains to bring a shield along with his longsword, i would have died then and there.

I cowered, i broke, and i ran back to the hold, attempting to hide wherever i could. They were pirates, corsairs, they just wanted the cargo and then they would leave. I might end up adrift, but i'd have been alive.


This plan of mine was shaping up to be quite terrible, i had blood running down my face already from a cut along my brow, my nose was broken from a massive fist to my face, i'd twisted my ankle in my escape, and my blade had broken against superior armored plates.

That was when it went quiet. Those above had been overpowered, many dead, some surrendered. But it wasn't over yet.

"'Ere kitty kitty kitty", a deep and booming voice called out, heavy boots clomping on the wooden boards beneath them. My ears perked immediately to it, my tail falling still and my breath catching in my throat. I was petrified where i curled up. The shadows barely conceiling me. I pleaded quietly to the gods to spare me. That i'd repay them if they let me survive this encounter.

"Aha!" i looked up, my face growing cold, sweat slipping down and dripping from my chin along with the warm coppery blood from my cuts. He stood twice as tall as me, gripping an axe to which the blade was the size of my torso quite easily, finished in brass and forged of bronze. His skin was as dark a red as the hand i held to my eye had become, his physique nothing but a mountain of muscles.

I'd never seen a Roegadyn this close up before. I never particularly wanted to either. And as he reached to me, grasping me by the skull and hauling me up, i could only let out the most pathetic protest, tears flowing in abject horror.

I begged, i pleaded, and he threw me against a cargo container, making me cry out again as my arm gave a sickening crack. It was broken, i knew it, and he knew it. He found it amusing, clearly, as his laugh bellowed out. "Worthless scrags like you don' even 'ave a prayer agains' us." He spat at me, though at this point, i wasn't particularly bothered about a little spittle.

You see, theres this thing about Miqo'te. Even the most cowardly one of us is a huntress at heart, we didn't develop tools for a long time, and relied on our teeth and nails to do the damage for us. And there's something about the Keeper's of the moon, my tribe, that this Roegadyn didn't consider too much.

So it came as a complete surprise to him when i suddenly lost my mind to fear and instinct completely took over. I clamped my jaw down as hard as i could onto his crotch, teeth breaking skin, damn near ripping his manhood clean off of him.

He let out a scream almost as high pitched as my cries for mercy had been. It was a glorious fifteen seconds in which i was in control.

Then came the axe.


Yes indeed, hard to appreciate. His brother, just as huge and just as vicious, had rushed to his aid as he cried out in agony, and had brought his weapon to bare. I was too busy inflicting pain to realise i needed to move, and so i was struck. And struck quite hard.

I came to after i'd hit the ground, wheezing for air as my lungs filled with blood, choking me, making it hard to thing or feel. The agony of my own death crawled in and mocked me, laughed at the things i had yet to experience. Taunted me about those i left behind, my sister. I believed that was it, i would never see her again.

I gargled my death cry as everything began to go dark, i blurrily watched as another corsair, dressed like a pirate king almost, came over to me, and my murderers collapsed with holes in their heads.


I came to with the greatest headache you could ever have, but... oddly comfortable, considering my last memory. I lay on my side, with covers over me, and a nice fluffy pillow beneath my cheek. Didn't want to open my eyes right away, as the light of the lantern hanging overhead hurt them considerably.

"And so she lives!" the voice was unfamiliar, lightly accented, and playful. "The best conjurers on the ship weren't even sure they could save you. THEY said 'but captain, she's already dead, why bother?' They told me you weren't worth saving. But i knew different, aye. definately. Yup."

A very obnoxious thing to wake to. My response to his chatter was an uncerimonious groan and turning my face more into the pillow. Trying to shake off whatever bad dream i was having, and get to reality. Because this was obviously not happening. "Oi! i'm talking to you little Miqo'." he snapped his fingers at me, making me huff and bat at his hand.

Then it settled in, what had happened, i had... died, i believed. But here i was.

I lurched up from the bed i was in, the silk sheets particularly comfortable, but definately not mine. I covered my dignity as soon as i saw the state i was in, laying in a large shirt, also not mine, and nothing more.

I can't remember the exact expletives i threw at my saviour, but once i calmed down and stopped banging my fists against his chest, he introduced himself. "Captain Suteru, and this is my ship. I've not settled on a name for 'er yet. So let's call 'er... The White Lance today." he grinned at me, i nervously smiled back, and he put a hand on my head, patting there as though i were some kind of pet.

"There weren't too many of ye alive, and yer ship was battered to death. I'm bringin' what's left of you to Limsa. Though, i could do with a few new crewmates, some o' em weren't too fortunate durin' our daring rescue come seizure of another pirate crew's take." He explained in a round about way.

Apparently, he had seen their ship and intended to sink it, then saw our ship and intended to rob it, then saw the wounded, and decided to do his good deed for the day. A brigand like any other, but one with morals. I was intrigued, and he needed crew. It sounded like fun.

He had saved my life after all.


So now i'm deck hand Tess. Tessa Jalloh, failed adventurer turned corsair. This is going to be one hell of a ride.


Anyway, i hope this letter reaches you fine, i miss you and sis, i'll keep in touch more. The scarring isn't too bad, makes me look menacing!

Love you Mama,

Your little kitten,


-From the writings of Tessa Jalloh.

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