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I'm pretty bad at presentations, let's see how it goes.


Good day everyone!


I'm Vlll (eight, spelled as VLLL since it's the only way to pull it off in game). I have very little RP experience, but I had a feeling that I wanted to try it more in depth in FFXIV and here I am.


My "gaming" experience dates back as far as I can remember, my first memories were playing FFVII and Tekken on my PS1. It has always been a part of my life, and FFXI was my first MMO when I was around 12. FFXI helped me cope with a lot of stuff going on, and it helped me make friends and feel part of something. Shoutout to Ragnarok server :). I quit when the level cap raised to 80 since I felt it made all I had accomplished nothing. The last few years I've been playing TF2 and LoL while waiting on FFXIV: ARR. I didn't have a computer powerful enough to play FFXIV 1.0.


On to the FFXIV stuff. As I said, I couldn't play FFXIV 1.0, but some RL friends (met at first in FFXI) do, and plan to move their characters to Balmung (pretty convenient if I plan to RP, it seems), so I'll just start from 0 with them. I've finally settled with a Duskwight Elezen that is going to be called Vlll in one way or another (Code Vlll, Agent Vlll, still can't choose), backstory being a master tactician since a young age. I have very little experience with roleplaying, but hope I can learn and find people to eventually.


I don't know what more to say. GMT+2, 20 years old student. Nice to meet everyone, I hope we can have a great time!

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Greetings VIII!


Welcome to FFXIV, unofficially of course. If you're new to RP as a whole, the coalition has a mentor system in place; you could check it out. You could also get involved with a Linkshell / Free Company and learn that way too.


(And I'm going to shamelessly volunteer my own: The Hungry Wolves. We have a listing on this site too.)

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Thanks for the replies :D

I'll give the Mentor program a look later, same goes for the LS. It seems like good places to start. Can you have multiple LS's in the game? I'll probably have one with my RL friends but would also like to join yours or others.

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