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Sup guys, 23/m and recent college grad here. Got a degree in comp sci but I honestly can't stand the subject, and I instead hope to travel and look for other opportunities. It's a stressful period for me but I'm both anxious and excited to see where I end up.


I've never RPd before. It has always seemed like an intimidating hobby to get into. However, I really want to understand this aspect of gaming and hope it becomes something long lasting. I'm an aspiring games journalist and write for some indie publications, and I'm always working on personal projects as well. I think some RP experience will add flavor to my writing, and give some valuable insight into areas of the industry I've yet to explore. One project I'm working on is a sort of compilation of reviews and impressions of the FF series, perhaps later I'll share some of my progress for that here.


Anyway, I have a soft spot for the artwork of Akhiko Yoshida and I love what his style has lent to the worlds of games like Final Fantasy XII, Vagrant Story, and Tactics Ogre. Part of the reason I'm getting FFXIV is because his influence seems very apparent, especially in the character and gear designs. 


I'm also partial to rolling female, hope that's not frowned upon!


But yeah, I'll be browsing and reading the guides you guys have posted here. Thanks for having me.

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Hey there! 


More than one fresh face to RP today it seems. Awesome. I'm Shizu, nice to meet you. And I'm in the same boat as you (Male playing a female); it's not frowned upon. Just a little awkward sometimes when people aren't aware of it. That said, welcome to FFXIV!


Since you're new to RP, there's a mentor system in place on this site, go ahead and check it out if you're looking for some training / direction.


A Free Company or Linkshell is another place to check out.

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Welcome Robyn!


It takes courage to follow your heart as opposed of your college degree so kudos to you. :thumbsup: Don't worry, its better to be happy than safe.


By all means share away. FF stuff is high on my list and I'd like to see what you have cooking. Roll on, Robyn, roll on. 


Hope to see you in-game sometime. :D

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