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The Wandering Flames (Inactive)


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Company Name: The Wandering Flames

Server: Balmung

Region: World Wide

Language: English





Motto: "Oschon guides us, Nald'Thal watches over us." or "Gods' wind, Gods' fire."



The Wandering Flames are a Free Company rooted in the city-state of Ul'Dah. They exist as a company for adventurers to provide mutual support and comradery for one another. Through their dedicated use of teamwork they are more capable of taking on the riskier and more rewarding jobs provided by the adventurer's guild. Along with that, they assist the Immortal Flames in their duties, though citizens of any city-state may join.





Create a healthy and active Free Company which is fully adherent to lore, striving to provide a seriously fun roleplay environment, and a place for players to really learn how to play and enjoy the game.






Q: What are The Wandering Flames, what is their job title?

A: Adventurers, nothing anymore complicated than that.


Q: What do they do?

A: Take up work from the Adventurer's Guild and Immortal Flames together.


Q: That sounds 'generic', why make that choice?

A: Being an adventurer is what the game itself is designed around. Since a big goal of ours is to do as much roleplay in an active and exciting setting (in actual combat, out of the city, etc) it makes the most sense and provides the most opportunity. Plus it allows us to RP and make progress at the same time.


Q: You stress lore adherence, what do you mean by that?

A: In this free company, we do not want to tread where we have no right to. Trying to utilize things that have not been proven true or fully explained, or things that have outright never been even implied destabilizes our standing in the reality of the game and weakens the experience overall. The goal is that our presence and activities do not go against any of the game world's truths.

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