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The Seven Seraphim (Inactive)


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We are a multi-faceted Free Company which accepts and represents Casual Players, Roleplay Players, and Hardcore Players.



Our Company is dedicated to creating a Community of Respectful, Helpful, and Polite players, to creating a refuge for those who wish to play A Realm Reborn with like-minded individuals!



Our Company is made up of three united groups, each led by two Officers that each focus on a different side of these three gaming styles.



The Steel Hammers



The first of these styles is the Casual Player. These players belong to the Steel Hammers, and the Officers that help them out most are the Wings of Steel. This group will be dedicated to leveling at a pace that they see fit, while being able to Roleplay when they wish, and even join Hardcore raids/PvP/Dungeons when they reach the higher levels.



The Silver Tongues



The second of these styles is the Roleplay Players. These players belong to the Silver Tongues, and the Officers that help coordinate Company Roleplay runs/scenarios/events are the Wings of Silver. This group will be free to engage in the creation of Lore, development of character biographies, interactions between other characters, and any other form of RP that they wish to perform, with like-minded, respectful people. They will, of course, be able to run with any of the Steel Hammers, and join the Hardcore raids/PvP/Dungeons once they reach the appropriate levels as they see fit.



The Mythril Blades



The third of these styles is the Hardcore Players. These players belong to the Mythril Blades, and the Officers which assist these players are the Wings of Mythril. These players will be of a more Hardcore mindset, with the objectives of Power-Leveling, gearing, and Endgame Content being their primary objectives.



With these three groups set up under one banner, any Company Member can easily and fluidly move between the groups as their play styles and lives change.



If you are interested in becoming a member of The Seven Seraphim, feel free register an account on our site and message me for more information.



-Pheonix Aise

Belfor here, one of the Silver Wings of the Seven Seraphim.  We want to open our doors to any members who are interested in roleplaying as part of the Silver Tongues.  I hope you find that our Free Company allows you to be to able balance roleplay with any other aspects of FFXIV you might be interested in :thumbsup:.


If you'd like more information on the Silver Tongues in particular you can feel free to click on the direct link below to hop onto our Silver Tongues introduction (OOC).



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