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Beta phase 4: 1.0 Character Recustomization Available?

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As the title indicates, does anyone know if character recustomization will be available upon phase 4 beta or do we have to wait until early access and release for it?


From what I understand, 1.0 characters will be allowed a recustomization at the time of launch.


I've been wondering myself, so asked a friend an that's what he said.. Though, I'm sure someone else will know for sure and have links to back it up. Correct me, please! I'd love to remake 1.0 Kaln in P4.

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yup! As far as I know, this is all correct, but keep in mind , too that they're planning on a barber system. I don't know the limitations on it, but I'm assuming it's just har and some facial features.


Also, last I heard, 1.0 characters can get a name change, as well.

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