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Hello all and welcome!


Askavi Reborn is a group of laid back individuals with hopes, dreams, and aspirations all their own. We are looking for like minded individuals to adventure with us through the land of Eorzea. If you're looking for a place to call home look no further. Whether you're a vet or just starting out we'd like to welcome you to be a part of our RP family.


90% of the time or more we are a more basic social linkshell. Very tightly knit and small. Maturity is expected from all members regardless of age. There is absolutely 0 tolerance for ignorant slurs against other races, religions, or nationalities. While often a quiet place, when we get to talking it can be quite an intelligent forum for discussion. There is no ban on topics in regard to religion and politics or any other such topic - though on a case by case basis some discussions will be ended by leaders if members express discomfort with a topic being discussed.


If you want to give us a try or want to stay for a while feel free to leave a post below. Also, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to PM me

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