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A leading man

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I. Basic Info 


[*] Primary character:Oldaric Charledore


[*] Linkshells:id like to join one eventually


[*] Primary RP linkshell:*clears throat* id like to join one eventually 


II. RP StyleOldaric speaks to the mysterious voice "how do i play you ask?....im a leading man of course im sure you've heard of my endeavors.....no?...WHY ONE TIME! i saved a priestess of a tribe of miquote from the horrible ravages of her drunkard uncle...another in a far land i stopped an army of moogles from devouring a small village 

i am the protector of miquoten virginity....the savour of the people....THE MAN....THE HARD PLACE.....SIIIRRRR OLLLLDDARIC.....charledore...*strikes funny heroic pose*


[*] Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy):its my first time:blush:;)....lol light to medium i think...at first im going to be focused on the game but everything need to broken up a bit im excited to try RP


[*] Views on RP combat and injuries:why not magic can't cure a broken hemorrhoid....just saying


[*] Views on IC romance: my word...i dare say you've a nice set of teets on you don't you....i....mean....you....have nice...eyes?*slap*


[*] Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc):come my dear sit on uncle oldarics lap..i say....your 18 now are you not?*slap*


[*] Views on lore: i learn as i go


[*] Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): they put them there....to be used


III. Other Info names henry im from virginia 5'5 average physic i work outdoors alot

[*] Country:united states

[*] Timezone:TEXT HERE

[*] Contact info:TEXT HERE


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