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The Gates of fate: Lost in a new world

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(( With open beta drawing nearer I thought I would put my nose to the grindstone and finally make my main character bio. What I thought I would write just a short story of my guy, actually turned out I wrote a book :|. It has been a while since a wrote a narrative of my own free will so please bare any choppiness or mistakes! All criticism is welcome and it may not be the best but if you guys are able to read it all I seriously congratulate you! I'll break this into parts so it doesn't hurt the eyes:dazed:))


(My character: Orion Luxceon [wildwood elezen] )


Prologue 1: Before the Calamity


 It's felt like ages since the calamity. The world I knew befor died along with Dalamud. I remember my early days in Ishgard... the place of my birth. During those days, my world was complete. I came from a wealthy elezen family. I was the eldest son of Algohmont and Bannette Luxceon. My parents were both proud, strong Wildwoods. My father was a part of the Holy Knights of Ishgard. A talented dragoon; I would often sneak into our armory and try to wield his lance when I was younger. My dad had high expectations of me, expecting me to be as good with a lance as he was. Unfortunately, that was not so. You could say fighting wasn't my forte, at least not with melee weapons. I was often enticed with the idea of learning the arcane arts, but my father would not have it. As his first son, it was my responsibility to carry on the tradition of becoming an exceptional dragoon. But I was stubborn. Ignoring my training I would often read and play around in our chocobo stables. When I was caught skipping my practices, he would often scold me, but I didn't pay attention.


But aside from all that, my father did love me. And I loved him all the same. He taught me how to be brave, to overcome my fears, and to be honorable. Still, with the years slowly going, he started to soon give up on my being a dragoon he had so hoped for. I soon to solace in my mother. Gridania raised, she was tall, elegant, and proud. If it was one thing that stood out, it was her eyes. Her beautiful green eyes could pierce anybody just as her arrows could. She was also one of the most talented bards in the realm. In battle, they would empower her allies, and make her enemies flee in terror. At home however, her voice was what rocked my sister and I to bed. She listened to me, tended to me, she was my everything. It was she who taught me of kindness, charity, and love.


And then there was my little sister Jannette. She was 5 years younger than me, yet somehow she was so mature, so smart. It was strange how such a little girl at the time could be so adult like. But still she was a child at heart. We gave her nicknames like, Jan, Janny, or Jan-Jan. We would often play and tell stories to each other. We often let our imaginations run wild. One of her dreams was to become a great White Mage. She had so much love in her heart, showing such deep sympathy for even the smallest of creatures. She wanted us to move to Gridania when we were older, so she could join the guild there. So we made a promise, when we were old enough, we would travel to Gridania together and live peacefully among the forest till we grew old and died.

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Prologue 2: War and family


When I was born, Ishgard's gates had already closed to outsiders. The only ones who were allowed in and out of the city were the Holy Knights. Tensions were rising among the people. I soon started hearing things of Garleans and the lot. I would ask my parents yet they would tell me nothing. Presumably not to worry me.


Around my tenth year, was the most drastic change to my family though. I remember it was a chill, snowy afternoon. We went to the town square to shop around and buy groceries. My mother went off to buy the food and my father was browsing a collection of weapons at one of the vendors. As Jannette and I were playing tag, we soon heard a scream coming from my father's direction. A Hyur, around my age or so was standing off with my dad, a small sword in hand. I heard my father cry out "THIEF" and knocked the boy to the ground. The boy quickly got up and lunged at my father. He parried the attack and knocked him down again. He was about to deal the fatal blow when my mother stepped in. She asked what in the Twelve's name was going on. My father explained that this "street rat" had tried to steal from him while he wasn't looking. He told my mother to move so he could finish the young hyur off, but she would not budge. She turned to the boy and asked his name. He kept silent. She decided to skip the question and ask about his parents and their whereabouts. I could then see at that moment his eyes starting to tear up. He tried to sprint away put my father caught him by the collar and thrust his lance into the boy's stomach. He asked again where his parents were. The hyur started to cry again and spat out that his parents were dead. It seemed that they had been dead for a while, and the boy had to resort to petty thievery to survive. While my father was not moved. My mother took pity on him. She offered our house to him, which my father objected to, but she would not have it. The boy would live with us from now on.


I remember the walk home too. My father kept a considerable distance away from the child, while my mother gently cradled his hand in hers. Janny was another story. She was ecstatic about having a new playmate! She kept pestering and asking questions about the boy all the way home. As for me.... I don't really know. But I was interested in him none the less.


In the following days things began to warm up around my house. The boy announced that his name was LeRoy, but did not have a last name. So my mother just said to use ours. It was not long after that Janny started to give him nicknames too. Leo, Leon, Roy. She called him whatever she thought fit at the moment. 


It was not long after that my father became aware of my new brother's skill with a sword. After Leon came, Father slowly forgot about me and started training Leon instead. I have to admit I was a bit jealous, but soon that jealousy was soon forgotten. We soon became more than brothers. Something beyond that. We often sparred with each other, and tested our strength in 1 on 1 matches. He would usually beat me when it came to strength, but sometimes I would catch him off guard and win the round myself.


Those days I will never forget. The days in Ishgard.... they seem only like a dream now. But I will never forget those fateful days, the days when the Garleans destroyed everything.

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Prologue 3: End of peace


The week before everything went to hell, my mother received a letter. It was from a doctor in Gridania, detailing that my aunt was ill. My Mother and aunt were very close. They grew up in Gridania's beautiful forests. My mother would have still lived there today if it was not for my father. The only reason she left was because she wanted to marry. When my father caught news that she wanted to return to tend to her sister he blatantly refused her. He warned that if she left Dalamud would fall and that he would not be there to save her. Around this time news came that adventurers had stopped the Garleans from bringing the moon down and we were now safe. Though we wished it were true, we all had doubts. Even so, my mother was determined to travel back to her birthplace. My father begged her but to no avail. Janny, Leon, and I all heard their conversation. Are minds began to race, thinking of sneaking into mother's carriage and and surprising her when we finally arrived. Besides, we all wanted to go there one day! Why not now? Looking back, that was the worst mistake I ever made in my life.


When we arrived in Gridania I was glad. We had been crouched in the back along with the luggage and we were cramped. When the carriage finally came to a halt, we heard our mother get off and we jumped out to surprise her. The look on her face was of complete shock, and then anger. Her face was as hot red as Dalamud. She was about to shout when an airship fly over our heads. I had never seen such a thing before, but it seems like my mother knew. She quickly herded us towards the gates to Gridania until these monsters came out from the brush. She quickly took out her bow and started to fight. Leon drew his sword but she shouted to get away. As she turned her head for a quick glance in our direction a beast swung his giant arm and tossed her into the hedge. Janny screamed and Leon tried to rush in and help her, but I held him back, telling him she'd be alright. Right? We ran through the shroud, not knowing where we were. Why is this place so damn confusing? How does one get around here? We made it to a clearing were we thought we were safe. 


Suddenly we here a loud crash far off into the distance. We looked over head and it looked as though hell was raining down. The moon had broken into pieces and flame rained down onto the earth. After that sight we heard a roar.


" A dragon? No, this is... this is way stronger than a normal dragon. What... what is it?"


Then we saw streaks of flame. At least, that is what I thought it was. They came down and scorched the forest. Trees fell, brush was burned, it looked to me like the end of the world. I could hear Janny crying next to me. I wished I could have told her that everything was going to be okay, that she would be safe. But I couldn't, that was obvious. When I looked up at the sky again, I saw another streak of fire heading towards us. I knew we were going to die then. I slowly clenched their hands together and prayed to the Twelve if we could at least be together in the otherworld.


Then everything went black.

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(( feel free to leave OOC coments or ideas! especially with the years between bahamut and a realm reborn, I can't think of anything really special for those years, it hurts my brain :frustrated: ))


Chapter 0: An uncertain future


I woke up dazed and hurt. I tried to get up but my legs couldn't work. I looked at my hand and saw blood. I rubbed my hand on my face and saw even more blood. My mind was racing, countless thoughts that didn't fit together. " What happened? Is this a dream", I thought to myself. Then it all came racing back. I shot up wondering of my siblings, and my mother and aunt. What of my father? Was Ishgard destroyed too? 


I tried to stand up but my legs just caved in. I tried again but to no avail. I thought to myself what I could possible do. Then it hit me! I remembered learning a cure spell from one of my tutors! I tried to muster up all my remaining strength and cast the spell.


I got up and wandered the broken forest for my brother and sister. They were right next to me when we were struck.  Trees and brush blocked most of the ways, and the shroud being a maze in itself didn't help.


It seemed as though I had wandered for a couple of hours until I came across a search party. I yelled out to them and made my way to where they were. I asked them if they had seen a child wildwood girl and midlander boy. They responded with a solemn shake of the head. They said they found many bodies among the twelveswood, but not any matched the description of my brother and sister. My heart sunk. The air turned cold. I... no words could come out of my mouth.


The group seemed to notice my despair and offered me a ride back to Gridania. I meekly agreed and we set off. When we arrived it didn't even look like anybody lived there. The whole village was in ruin. I then remembered my mother and aunt. I asked of them to one of the medics and got the same response as the others. How in the world was I going to live? I don't even know if my family is dead or not. I guess you could say that's a double edged sword. On one hand they could be dead and on the other alive. I chose to believe in the latter.


After that day I made a promise to myself to find them one day. I would never give up looking until I found them. I also promised to return to Ishgard. I knew I couldn't return now. I'm no Holy Knight. But one day, one day I'll be with my family again.

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Chapter 1: road to the present

I spent a few days wandering around the rubble of Gridania when a group of survivers I had come across asked me to join them in searching for a new home. I hesitantly said yes, and after that we climbed onto their carriage and took off.


We traveled south until we arrived in Thanalan. Around the middle of our journey through our journey across the desert were we attacked by what we later learned were the native beastmen tribe. I couldn't remember their name, but I do remember being incredibly frightened of their huge dark bodies and their gruesome looking dispositions. 


When we arrived in Ul'dah, I was in complete culture shock! The bustling of merchants, the amount of thieves and poverty stricken people! I didn't know what to make of it! I stayed in the city for a couple of months after that. Although I don't think I can say I ever truly got used to it. It wasn't more than half a year when I ran into an elderly couple from the La Noscea area. I just so happens that was the day I ran out of money and decided that if I was to eat that day I would either have to dig through trash to find food or steal. It turns out I had no such skill in being discreet and my first victim would be my last.


They asked me why in the world I would steal from an old man and woman, scolding me, asking if I had any shame. I just put my head down and listened. As they finished I turned to walk away when the old lady asked me if I was from around here. I said no, but she didn't seem that suprised. She said any boy from ul'dah wouldn't have given up so easily on trying to take their money. I told them that I was from Ishgard, and THAT seemed to catch them off guard. They asked how I got to ul'dah, with the gates being closed and such. I told them that my father was a Holy Knight and that he had made the guards let my family pass to see my sick aunt. I didn't tell her that I actually snuck myself and my siblings to see our aunt.


She then asked me where my family was. I paused to try and answer but she quickly told me to forget about it. I think she understood.


The couple offered me their home in La Noscea, if I could help them with their business. I quickly agreed to it, I did not want to spend another day under the hot Ul'dah sun.


We returned to La Noscea, where they had a little plot of land growing crops and raising livestock. I would spend the next 4 years raising animals and tilling the land. Though all the time I spent there, I never set foot in Limsa Lominsa. They warned me about pirates, and thieves, not too different from Ul'dah. I had seen about enough of those types of people so I took there word and never went there. 


It was around the 4th year there that the old women died. She had gotten sick, and fell prey to death's cold fingers. It grew more lonely there, and I could sense that the old man missed his beloved wife. It wasn't too soon that he died too. I suspect from loneliness. While it was sad to see them go, I was happy for them in a way. They could know be together, forever. I couldn't say the same for my family.


After that I made up my mind. It was time I picked myself up and took control of my fate. 5 years have passed since I last saw my family. With Eorzea rebuilding itself little by little, I was determined to help. I would help everybody I could, so that no one would have to suffer through unneeded loss or tragedy.


I caught wind that an Arcanists guild had opened in Limsa Lominsa. 


"Perfect", I said.


Janny would often tease me for my love of animals and pets. She often said she was worried I would bring a coeurl home one day.


 I packed up my things and took the next ride to Limsa Lominsa. I wondered what would happen when I got there. 


"Who will I meet? What will I do?"


These questions kept ringing in my head. But I had hope. I looked up at the sky and smiled.


"It's a new day."


((And that's the end of it! Congratulations if you read the whole darn thing! I know it probably wasn't easy! Let me know what you think, I want to improve!)):D

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