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Deleting Wiki Pages?

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How might I delete a wiki page? I've made a last minute decision to change one of my characters' names and I'm guessing the only way to update that on the Wiki is by making a new page. D: I don't want to leave the old page sitting there and cluttering things up, though!


Thanks. :)

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You can actually move the page. :)


In the top bar, next to "Edit this page", you should see "Move". Click on that, then put in the new name for your character in the "To new title:" box. Indicate the reason in the "Reason" box. That'll move the page to the new title.


For extra credit, you can go to the old page after the move, which will now be a redirect to the new page. Edit it and delete its contents. Now it's clean and easy to spot for someone with delete rights.

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