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The Midnight Covenant (Inactive)

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The Midnight Covenant


A scream of pure terror echoes through the cave as the last thief falls to the ground, yet there are none left alive that would come to his aid. Two figures cloaked in the shadows take one last look at their handy work before turning to leave the cave. Each drops but a single item from their person. A single black rose falls atop a crown of thorns, sitting noticeably amongst the rubble of a once well fortified bandit camp. The tell tale signs of fighting are clearly there. Blood splattered walls, dead bodies decorate the floor in an unpleasant fashion. None within the fort at the time of the attack survived, each and every one of their black hearts beats no more. Who did this you may ask? No one knows but those who were there, and that is how they wish to keep things. If you are one of the select few they choose to extend their hand too, they will come for you. Will you be ready?


OOC Description and Information:

The Midnight Covenant is a chaotic good aligned group of like-minded, nomadic, Duskwight Elezen and their supporters that are focused on rebuilding their ancestral order and reclaiming their lost honor. They are dedicated to survival and will do whatever it takes to ensure the longevity of the Covenant, by any means necessary.


While this linkshell is designed to encourage other Duskwight enthusiasts, we also accept any of the other races and clans within our organization. However, only Duskwights can hold positions within the Last Circle, while a non-Duskwight can hold up to the rank of Eventide Champion.


At first glance, the Midnight Covenant may come off as an elitist RP linkshell, but that is far from the truth. Although we do take pride in the amount of effort that has been put into the creation of TMC, our main focus is enjoying all that Final Fantasy XIV has to offer, in a relaxed heavy RP setting. We aim to develop strong OOC friendship with all of our members, as we strongly feel that nothing is more rewarding than spending time and RPing with a close, tight-knit, group of friends. After all, we play video games to have fun!


The linkshell leaders, Loc Talon (who has over ten years of experience in leading amazing heavy role playing communities) and Ellia Thorn (who has over four years of heavy Roleplaying experience) have decided to join forces and try their hand in the world of Eorzea. Together, they work and strive to provide an innovative and unique Roleplaying experience, as well a highly immersive heavy Roleplaying environment.






Loc Talon, and myself, Ellia Thorn. For any questions you may contact me here or in the "Guest" thread in our website's forum. Click this link for the forum.


RP Style:

The Midnight Covenant is a Heavy RP guild that focus on full emersion while incorporating OOC elements in an IC way. Guildleves for example, one would have to ICly ask the members of the covenant to aid them if they so wished, they would then have to follow out the levequest while remaining in character. This would apply to other elements of the game as well, such as crafting or "raiding." Even though we RP, we still intend to see the end game content, just not as quickly as "hard core" raiding linkshells.





IC element:

The Midnight Covenant is primarily a group of like-minded Duskwight Elezen, focused on rebuilding their ancestral order and reclaiming their lost honor. The linkshell is based on the lesser known darker rendition of "Robin Hood." A group of people doing what they feel helps the greater good by any means necessary.



The Midnight Covenant is nomadic and isn't likely to have a central base or headquarters.


Guild interactions:

Though, ICly, The Midnight Covenant is apprehensive about reaching out to other organizations and cautious of alliances. OOCly, we humbly encourage and welcome RP from other Linkshells.


Application criteria:

In efforts to maintain a highly immersive heavy Roleplaying environment, we will be requiring members to submit an OOC application(via our website) that gives us details on their Roleplaying experience and, more importantly, their character that will be joining. If the application is accepted, there will be an IC event arranged in-game to get a first hand feel of the applicant's RP style and to RP them into the Linkshell. This is to ensure that we populate the Linkshell with skilled and knowledgeable members, in order to maximize the level of immersion that we aim to provide.




- All applicants must be 18+ in order to join The Midnight Covenant. (We don't want angry parents yelling at us for any reason.)

- It is expected that, before you apply to the Linkshell, that you have given a considerable amount of thought to your character.

-Be able to type in fluent English

More rules and regulations here: http://themidnightcovenant.mmoguildsites.com/pages/reg_requirements


Additional info:

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Spanning over fourteen well written chapters, we are proud to say the Midnight Covenant's lore is finally complete! Well, as far as the back story is concerned anyway. As time goes on we'll be expanding our story even farther, but until release, almost 25 years worth of in-game prehistory will have to suffice. Give it a read if you're at all interested in the linkshell.

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The Midnight Covenant site is finally complete! Here are a list of changes and additions:

- Blood written creed on first page.

- OOC description of Linkshell on first page.

- Character page added under the 'Scions' Tab in the directory. (I'm really proud of this one. Think Mortal Combat style character selection, similar to that.)

- Requirements, Conduct, Activity, Recruitment added under the Policies Tab in the directory.

- Reformatted forums page to facilitate the needs of the linkshell and it's members.

- History page updated. Complete with symbolic time line and links to each section of the Midnight Covenants Lore and player created Character backstories.

- Detailed description of ranks and their duties within the Midnight Covenant.

- Prestige system added. Works in tandem with the rank system.

- 'Nightsend' page added. Details the basic functions of the linkshell.

- Other minor touch ups to make the site more presentable.

To anyone interested in joining The Midnight Covenant, taking a good look at the website should help with making the final decision to join.

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