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Mercenary for Hire (Open to all)

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The sun, though setting, was blistering hot upon the bustling city of Ul'dah. Causing sweat to drip from the brow of a rather tall, blonde, Miqo'te.


He wiped his forehead clean of perspiration and his frown deepened at the heat. His large lion-like tail swished side to side in mild agitation as he stood along the walls of the entry gates, hoping to catch the eye of a visitor. Next to him, several other men and women gathered. All battle-worn and more than capable in combat.


A young Lalafell girl stood in front of them, yelling aloud for all to hear,


"Looking for someone to keep you safe? A protector in the unforgiving desert terrain? A henchman to carry your goods on your way back home?! Look no further! We have the finest of mercenaries here to choose from! Hagglers welcome!"


He rolled his eyes as people came and went, most from his band of sell-swords already disappearing with their new clients. He was one of the few left still not hired,yet in desperate need of gil and work. His gauntleted fingers toyed with the price tag around his neck.


[align=center]'5,000 gil'[/align]


A snort escaped him. Why such a small price for his strong arm? Truly, he was not the friendliest of sorts. But he got the job done all the same. His eyes made contact with all those who dared to look upon him, waiting to be snatched up by a potential buyer looking for a mercenary.

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Out of the crowd, approaching the Lalafell, came a highlander woman with a pale complexion, and a cold look in her purple eyes. She wore a heavy cloak, despite the heat, and her long hair was twirled up into a loose bun atop her head, kept intact by a couple of thin sticks.


Across the bridge of her nose was a long pale red tattoo, and over her left eye a series of dots completed the ink job. In her thigh-high boots she marched in front of the remaining mercenaries, before stopping in front of the male Miqo'te. She stared into his eyes, trying to read him.


"This one," she said. "What are his qualifications?"

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The Miqo'te glared back, brows furrowing at her audacity for looking him in the eyes for more than a few seconds. His lips drew back in a bit of a sneer, showing his fangs in a primal manner before his attention turned to his... 'manager'.


The Lalafell skipped forward, standing close to the male. She rapped her knuckles against his slightly dented armour, "Qualifications? He can take a blow like a champ," she kicked the steel that protected his shin. "Strong as an ox, and follows commands pretty well."


She then tapped a finger to her lip, "He's a bit of a trouble maker though. Haven't had a potential buyer for him in over a week because of it."


"That Midlander started the brawl, and you know it!" He immediately snapped. 


She wagged a finger at him, "And he doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut, isn't that right Demmie?" He huffed, running his hand through his hair before pausing to scratch behind his ear. "It's S'demyx."


The Lalafell shrugged, obviously not caring before glancing back up at the potential buyer. "You want him or not? I ain't got all day y'know!"

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The highlander never took her eye off him, even as the Lalafell spoke.


"So long as he can keep the troublemaking focused on where it needs to be, he will suffice," she said. She removed a purse of gil, and held it out for the Lalafell, stilll not looking at her, but keeping her eyes on the Miqo'te.


"If he causes any unsanctioned trouble, I will be back for this," she dropped the purse. "Come S'demyx."


Walking several paces away, she would turn, expecting him to have followed.

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S'demyx mumbled under his breath, "'Come' she says, like I am some common house cat." 


His glare momentarily hardened at his client's back, quickly removing the wooden tag around his neck and dropping it into the hand's of the Lalafell. 


"Try and return him in one piece!" She joked, before walking off, trying to sell the arms of the few remaining mercenaries.


He followed the Highlander, watching her carefully as he stayed at an arm's length away. His face appeared stoic - perhaps even a bit annoyed as it always looked.


"I usually like to know who I'm working for, and what exactly I'll be doing," He sassed, crossing his arms upon his chest. His slightly chipped battle axe clanged against the back of his armour with every step he took.

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"Of course," she said, turning to face him. There was something infuriating about her voice, while at the same time sounding completely professional. It lacked... warmth. As though she didn't care who was in front of her, so long as they got the job done.


"My name is Ioshi von Silver. I am an alchemist based here out of Ul'dah. As for what I require; I need you to fight. Specifically for my protection. There is a mine North of here, in the Central Thanalan called Hellsbrood. The tunnels are rife with antling monsters. As part of my craft I collect my own ingredients, and the tunnels have a mineral in their rocks that I require. I excavate, you protect.


"Should things go awry, we will be stopping at Black Brush station to pick up a healer along the way. An old.... acquaintance that owes me a favor. If you feel yourself unable to perform these duties, now is the time to say so. And if you require any more answers of me, now would be the time to ask. Are you hungry? Part of your payment can be food, should you need it. I would hate for my guard to... fight on an empty stomach."

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As if on cue, his stomach grumbled in distress. A light red tinge bared on his cheeks in embarrassment. His glare faded into a neutral gaze,


"I wouldn't be opposed to that. I haven't eaten since this morning."


Once more his eyes hardened, remembering himself.


"As for your mission, it'll be easy enough. You may call upon your healer if you wish, but I'm quite sure my skill in battle will be all you need. I am more than capable in combat."


His hand traveled up, gripping the hilt of the axe strapped to his back in anticipation. A sadistic smirk found its way upon his face, the tips of his upper canines showing as they bit into his bottom lip. "If there is blood to be spilt, you've chosen the right man."


Once more his stomach growled, though not as loud as before. "But first, let's get something to eat, Miss Silver."

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((So sorry S'demyx! Things got RL crazy for a few days!))


"Of course," she said, "Do you have any preference for food?"


They were near the Quicksand, and she started to head that way, but lingered by some of the vendors who were lined up outside, many of which offered basic fare.


"Just Ioshi is fine. I am your retainer for the day, nothing more. Certainly, I am no one special to you, so there is no need for formalities. If you wish me to call you anything, then I shall."


Finding a vendor that sold smoked meats, Ioshi paused.


"Is this okay? I do abhor the crowds of a noisy tavern, and this will allow us to eat as we walk."

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((No problem!! ^^))


"Just S'demyx." The Miqo'te spoke briefly. He nodded once, following her, but making sure not to trail too far behind. The many smells of the vendors mixing as they wafted through the air, making him scrunch his sensitive nose at the intensity of it all. 


"Meat is fine as well."

He turned his head, looking every which way before his eyes laid upon a butcher's shop, just a small walk from the vendors. He gave a hungry grin, eagerly turning his look from the butcher's to the woman before him, 


"Though I prefer mine raw."

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Ioshi nodded, ordered something for herself from the current vendor, then led the way to the butcher, allowing S'demyx to pick out whatever he wanted.


As they walked beyond the Quicksand towards the Central Thanalan, the gates of the city arched overhead, and the wide blue vista of the desert sky yawned over the endless sea of sand. Ioshi finished her food quickly, and walked at an almost leisurely gait. Heading North and slightly West, they followed a well traversed path towards Black Brush station. A few critters milled about; a swarm of wasps, a marmot... but nothing approached near enough to warrant attention.


"So, S'demyx, tell me," she said as they walked. "I have always wondered at the nature of mercenaries in this particular city. Is it not easier to find steadier work in the colisseum? Or is that type of sport not to your liking?"

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((Sorry for the extra slow reply, my alert didn't pop up that the thread was updated!! ^^))


S'demyx glanced to the side at the female, wiping the small trickle of blood from the corner of his mouth after devouring the last of his meat. 


He thought for a moment, thinking to himself. Determining the best way to reply to the question,


"True. I could probably find more wealth and renown in the coliseum..."


His eyes diverted back to the path, glancing warily at the small, virtually harmless, creatures that buzzed and crept about. The Miqo'te male let out a sigh, furrowing his brow before continuing.


"But as a mercenary. I get to see this." He motions to the environment around them.


"This is where true glory is found. Not within a city, behind stone walls." His hardened yellow stare found there way back to the Highlander. "There is no honor fighting for other's amusement."

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