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Hey! How is everybody?

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Good day! Just popping in here to wave hello and fill out that optional template for good measure.


Previous MMO Experience:



Well, my glorious love affair with MMORPGs started off with World of Warcraft, in which I played on the Ravenholdt server for the longest time. I cheated on WoW with various other MMOs at the time, and eventually started playing Star Wars: the Old Republic. And currently, I play nothing as I wait for Final Fantasy to start up so I can mess around on Gilgamesh.


Character Ideas/Info:



Well, I think I have a pretty solid character concept going on with this girl. She was just your average girl barely of breeding age in a random Seekers of the Sun tribe. She had a few bad experiences with current and past Nunh, which had negatively impacted the woman's perceptions of her own culture and traditions. Eventually, she got up and left, leaving her tribal name behind, and sought a better life for herself. 


How did you learn about the coalition?



A friend of mine pointed me in the direction of the site.


What kind of role-player are you aiming to be?



I'm going to have to go with medium since I'll end up doing plenty of raiding and some pvp as well. So, time will be divided! If anybody needs an experienced tank, let me know! 



Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing?



I'm an avid Star Wars fan who grew to dislike ToR. Last Halloween I was a Jedi Knight. I study astrophysics and am generally a huge nerd. I like cake. Pie is good, too.

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