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Missed connections

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I'm sure you guys have met RP'ers who you had fun playing with but somehow lost their contact info. Post here if you are searching for someone and we'll see if someone knows someone that knows em! ;)


I've simply forgotten a name of the following RP'er which I'll try to describe. He played on The Lights Templar, was one of the core members if I remember correctly. He played a DRK. He rolled a character on Sylph and that's how we met (when I was playing Darkcat). Both of us wanted to server hop and check out other RP communities. We both rolled a brother and sister on the Lost Boys. I believe my chars name was Gisei. Anyone know who I am talking about?

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The only 'core member' of the Templar who was a DRK would have been Langron, and we're talking years back. I don't recall him ever mentioning a server hop, either. I'm fairly sure he just left FFXI.


I know Lantrial made a character on Sylph, on Phoenix he played DRG.

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