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Hello All!


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Greetings fellow Final fantasy lovers! ^^ Really looking forward to getting into this, but while I am familiar with rp'ing, I am not so familiar with MMORPG's! Have the help of a VERY patient friend, but still any assistance or advice would be greatly appreciated!


MMORPG background: none, first time into this realm of games


Rp experience: two years now of playing with multiple people in very indepth roleplays and stories!


Looking to be a medium role-player and just trying to get my feet wet and such, looking to play as a more scholarly type character, an investigator of the ancient beings and histories of Eorzea!


Hope to speak with some of you soon!

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Welcome! You'll be in good hands learning the ropes here. Don't be afraid to speak up/ask around if you need help with something. And you can always search the forum if you aren't sure whether someone has asked something already.


This is also my first MMORPG. I've finished basically all of the other Final Fantasy games (minus XI and a couple of the handheld spinoffs), so you could definitely say I'm in this for the FF name. I figured the RP aspect would make for an awesome supplement - and so this is my first time RPing. So far, it's been a blast, and I haven't even done anything in-game yet!


Do you think you'll be interested in going through the main storyline? I think it's going to be really cool to uncover a lot of Eorzea's mysteries.


Well, good luck with your first MMORPG! Hope to see you around!

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