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Here is a link to my Wiki, you can critique it if you'd like, but that isn't why I'm here.




Under the "contents" section, almost all of them are blank. Does anyone know why, and how I can possibly fix it? It's kind of annoying and I can see it being inconvenient for people viewing my Wiki that want a quick link to something specific.


Thanks everyone.

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I could be wrong but it appears you used specific images for content headers which wiki code does't recognize. The appropriate wiki coding for contents box links are:  




Insert desired title within the six equal signs and it should register.

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*shuffles feet* I edited it in for you. If I overstepped my bounds, feel free to take the rolled up newspaper to me. For future reference, it's two ='s (==) on each side of the text you want as a primary category and then three ='s (===) as the subcategory of that.


I'm far more lazy than you with the wiki entries though, so cheers for the good job on everything else.

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