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Humble Origin Bundle - Charity Drive

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Hey guys, thought I'd share this with everyone.


Humblebundle.com is doing a special bundle for charity (of your choice!) where you pay what you want and receive six games. 


The games are a pretty solid line up but they are a bit dated.


Dead Space

Dead Space 3

Mirror's Edge

Burnout Paradise

Crysis 2

Medal of Honor


Even if you have most of those, for even a dollar, you can get all six. Cool thing to note is that if gives you both an origin code and a steam code (to the games that have it on steam) so you can do with it as you please (give it to a friend for those single player games!)


Also, if you donate more than 4.74, you also get Battlefield 3 and the Sims 3 Starter Pack in addition to the six games listed above. 


It's all for a good cause, and if nothing else, you can smile knowing you donated your money to something worthwhile. 


If anyone picks this up and wants to play any of those games, hit me up on either origin or steam! My tag is Aristotleami. 


The link to the site:


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At first I was like :x because EA don't need mai money... but then I saw EA is refusing to take any money at all from this + allows STEAM versions of most..


So I was like :love: and told my friends about it, one already having bought the bundle.


I own everything already in the bundle but I really hope this bundle raises some good money for charity.

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