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A most gracious hostess. [Kind of Backstory, OOC welcome]

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[- So, I wanted to think of something to officially cross over from my old character to my new character. This was the result. Since I can't RP much ingame, maybe I can make up for it here! Please enjoy.


Critique and comments welcome. -]



The table was overflowing with foods, decorations, and table wares. Ceramic plates and silver utensils glinted in the firelight of the melted wax candles. Dried seaweed, corals, and coloured cloths adorned the sturdy wooden table. Wide assortments of foods were laid upon platters made of brass and wood. Sautéed Cieldalaes spinach dripping with sweet butter and savory mushrooms seasoned with sage and garlic sat across from warm artichokes stuffed far past capacity with salmon, tart cheeses, pepper and basil, oozing with honey and cream. The deep, fruity scent of spiced rolanberry wine wafted as a short distraction as the mercenary Athena Kiss poured herself a cup of the tart alcohol.


“Murlona, you’ve outdone yourself this time,” the Miqo’te drawled as she took a moment to swirl the stone cup’s contents. “It’s only the two of us.”


The giantess smiled broadly as she laid the last plates of food onto the table, shifting decorations aside to fit everything like a giant puzzle. She lifted a large cutting knife and fork that looked like salad utensils in the tall woman’s hands to begin slicing the chuck of meat. Juices and seasonings of pepper, salt, garlic, and laurel seeped from the wound as she effortlessly moved the knife, revealing pink meat.


“I wanted to make sure you enjoyed yourself before your leave.” Murlona smiled, once again, at the dark-skinned lancer as she portioned off some slices to her plate. “You’re my finest guest.”


“I’m, like, your only guest ‘round here.” Athena cut her off as she spooned a heap of oily button mushroom sauté onto her dish. “I’m serious, Murlona, you could put the Bismarck out of business if you opened up shop.”


Murlona couldn’t help but grin and looked down in embarrassment as she poured her own cup of rolanberry red. The compliment was no surprise to her; the Miqo’te and her band of Linkshell mates have been praising Murlona’s talents for years. The smaller woman had a point, though. Here in Gridania there weren’t many guests Murlona knew to invite for dinners. She had come here to gather unique materials for a new alchemical experiment she was working back home in Limsa Lominsa, but while she found the forests to be soothing, the lack of company was starting to get to her. Maybe that’s why she was overcompensating with this lavish meal for two.


“I appreciate your faith in my skills, my friend, but you know I’m not the kind to stay and run a restaurant. I would fear the day my love of cooking becomes work.”


Pitch-black fur ears drooped in submission as the lancer let out a dramatic sigh. “But there would be so much moneeeeey.”


Murlona couldn’t help but laugh, rich and jovial. “I forget now; did you want me to start a business or did you want to start it?”


“Now don’t vthu thart.” The Miqo’te gave her warning as she shoveled more of the savory meats and veggies in her mouth.


The large woman tittered once more and watched her companion eat with fervor. It made her especially happy to see her guest enjoying her meal so much. There was a deep sense of satisfaction Murlona gained from sharing her love of cooking with others.


“Athena.. do make sure you have room for dessert. I made your favorite.”




It was a couple days longer before Murlona could find herself lost in the forests of the Black Shroud, again. After Athena had left for a guild quest, the Sea Wolf decided it would be better use of her time to search the merchant shops for cheap materials. She needed large batches of glass, potions, and enchanted metals. An accurate inventory was a must for any experiment, and Murlona quickly found that both she and the merchants were missing certain amounts of key herbs.


Murlona towered over the tall grasses, even on her knees, as she dug up some flax roots. Her gloved hands were caked in dirt and mud as they worked meticulously to keep as much of the flax intact as possible. She kept her long, deep purple hair in a messy braid that was laced with the chamomile flowers she was discovering. The breeze circled around her and was filled with the wood and earthy scents that were characteristically Shroud. She found herself yearning for a drag of salt-laced air.


Throughout her work, though, Murlona was keenly aware of the Lalafell running around harvesting what seemed like a monumental bundle of branches. Her pale purple eyes followed the small female lazily as she skittered back and forth from tree to tree. She wore pink boots to match her pink hair which went with her glassy pink eyes. It was 1037 seconds exactly before the pinkified botanist even noticed her.


“OH! Hi! Gosh, I didn’t see you there. How can you even hide there, I mean you’re like twenty fulms tall. Hooooly eft.”


She was sweating and panting heavily from slugging her axe around. Murlona regarded the botanist with a polite smile.


“Ah, I apologize. I did not mean to startle you, my friend.How are your harvests?” She raised slowly, a habit when dealing with smaller folk as to not come across as foreboding. The Lalafell only grinned broadly at her and made a small excited gesture toward her full backpack.


“Great! I got a whole bunch of branches. What are you looking for?”


“Flax. That’s quite an impressive bundle you have,” the taller woman nodded toward the harvest. Even without her short stature, the thickly wrapped piles of branches and twigs would have been tedious to carry.


“Yeah, I’m heading to Gridania now to drop these all off.. I should go before it gets too late. It was great to meet you! I hope to see you out here again!” She gave a short curtsy and allowed Murlona to respond with her own farewell before running off.


The Roegadyn was suddenly alone again. She chuckled to herself for a moment before walking over a neglected pile of flax roots.




“Murlona! You’ve done it again; this meal is truly delicious.”


She couldn’t help but smile at her black-furred guest. Today’s feast consisted of miscellaneous sweet fruits, nuts, and a glazed flank of meat, dripping with honey and earthy spices. Murlona was carefully portioning off some eft tail quiche with heaps of nutmeg onto her plate as she quietly entertained her Miqo’te guest’s retelling of her harrowing battle at Camp Tranquil.


“So then Ru was like.. Oh! That reminds me..” Murlona gave a quizzical look to the green haired woman’s sudden start. “Hm?”


“I wanted Ruok to come today.. I mean I had invited her.” Athena rolled her eyes dramatically as she took in a forkful of her own nut-infused quiche.




“Yeah, she’s a good friend of mine from the Linkshell. I told her all about your fantastic cooking and she seemed so interested. I bet she lost track of time harvesting branches, again.” She looked dejected momentarily before piercing another piece of meat and bringing it to her lips.


 “I’m sorry she couldn’t make it; maybe another time.” Murlona gave her guest a sympathetic nod, her eyes following the fork’s travel.


“I do love having friends for dinner.”

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((I so love stories that play out without a hint of swordplay or daring-do; Final Fantasy can make the simplest of domestic settings an interesting scene :). It feels like you have almost a foodie's appreciation for meals, as it shows in the detail of your narrative. Good job, thanks for sharing you work :thumbsup: ))

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