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Ode to the Sea, a Poem

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Fairest Llymlaen,

O, how Her dress doth sparkle

like a million sapphires

dancing vibrantly

in Her mother's light.

Her crown of ivory reaches

towards the heavens

as She bathes in Azeyma's radiance

embracing Her sweet mother

and bringing vibrance to the land.

Even were Azeyma to fall,

and were Menphina to rise,

our beloved Goddess

would continue to glimmer

in Her evening gown

strewn with polished Jet

She looks upon the world,

Her very essence breeding life

Her very dress enticing the hearts

Of any who seek to claim Her

O fairest Llymlaen,

You, who are the most beautiful of all,

Continue to dance for us, Your children,

As we dream of You always and forever.



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