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Saying Goodbye [OOC comments welcome!]

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((Much is left out in-between for several reasons 1) I like to surprise people I rp with, girl needs some mystery yo. 2) I am still working out all the kinks))


The Beginning……



Sulie sat just under the canopy of trees that covered the small pond. Breathing deep she looked over to Tonton with a broad grin “Tonti, how come we never go anywhere? You know I have heard that there are ships that can carry many people through to new places like Limsa Lomsa.” 


Tonton rolled his eyes as he looked over to Sulie with a less than amused glance “Look…you may like adventure but I prefer the safety that only Gridania can provide. If you want to go explore than by all means please do; but I bet you don’t make it past the Black Forest before you turn around with your ears tucked.” 


Cheeks flaring red, Sulie reached over to push her companions straw hat down firmly on his head causing the brim to cover his eyes “Oh Tonti, you fear everything, some day you will hear tales of me and my adventures.” Leaning back on her hands she dangled her feet over the rock they sat on; watching as the fish swam in circles slowly. 


With a loud sigh Tonton reached to give Sulie a playful jab “I don’t fear anything or anyone, I have more fear of your cooking than the world that lays beyond the gates. Oh, and don’t call me Tonti; we’re not kids anymore.” 


Grinning even wider, Sulie leaned forward to reach into the water and splash Tonton “You may not be, but I’d like to think I still have a childlike way about me.” Her eyes grew wide as straw hat and fishing poles flew her way causing her to splash into the water; Tonton quickly on her heels. 


The Middle……



Sulie reached for a bucket of gryshal greens; the chirping from the young Chocobos making it hard to hear her own thoughts as she tossed the greens to each in turn. Straightening up; she ran a gloved hand across her brow stopping mid motion to stare into the distance; trying to shield her eyes from the glaring sun. 


Riders approached, the sounds of the Barding adoring their mounts clanging to her ears before she heard the first whoops and hollers of others gathered. Dropping the bucket she picked up her skirts jumping over fences to make her way to where the others were gathered, climbing up on a rock nearby to get a better view of the riders. 


Near the back was a small Lalafell, Tonton had come home finally! Waving her arms widely Sulie leapt from the rock, running full speed to jump tossing Tonton from his mount causing both to roll on the ground. “Sulie! I knew you missed me, but you will break my bones if you do not plan on letting me go soon enough!”


Leaning back Sulie looked to her old friend with worry and happiness all in one “Oh I’m sorry! You must tell me of your adventures, any broken bones to worry about? Did you kill pirates? What about women, there must have been women?” Her excitement was barely contained as she scurried to stand, helping Tonton up in the process. 


Tonton chuckled as he viewed his friend, “All will be shared. You have to give me a moment to breathe. Come we’ll put Kravor in his stall, get him some food and go have a drink at the inn. I’ll tell you all about it then.” 


The Present…..



It had been five years, the riders still came and went. Tonton was no longer with them. Sulie found herself going to his grave every day to talk with him; much like she had in the old days. She recounted his stories he had shared with her on that first day of returning as well as many others they had shared. 


Though the flowers she placed there were still fresh, she always brought a new bouquet to adorn his gravesite. On this particular day a clump of bluebells were held tightly as she made her way to his stone. 


“Oh Tonton, you should have seen the riders today; they still look magnificent though I must admit seeing them now is not the same as when you were part of their troupe. I miss you….our conversations and the fun we had.” Setting the flowers in the small pot by the headstone, she rocked back on her heels; working to get comfortable on the ground. 


“Kravor is getting older…he is a good Chocobo still; very brilliant and adventurous; just like his master. To think you’d be the one who would finally find your way out of this place both in life and through death.” A slight sniffle escaped her as her voice caught in her throat. 


“This will be the last time I see you Tonton…I’m leaving Gridania, it’s not the same without you, I miss you and everything here reminds me of you. I hope you do not mind but I will be taking Kravor with me. He has been cooped up for far too long; the travel will do him good.” 


“I plan on having Servi watch over you though, she has promised to continue bringing flowers to your grave. You know if I didn’t know better, I would think she had a crush on you, I believe she pines for you still.” Glancing away from the grave; she reached into her pocket withdrawing a small necklace made of clamshell and fishing twine.


“I want you to keep this. If I return I will want it back though I’m trusting you to keep it safe for me. Tonton…please forgive me, I should have gone with you that day, maybe then this would never have happened.” With that she wrapped the necklace around the headstone before standing up pack in hand. Turning she made her way to Kravor quickly pulling herself into the saddle before making her way off in the direction of the Black Forest. 


To be continued…..

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