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Bash Brothers

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Rumor has it there were three of them this time. Getting a bit brash these days, huh?” Halrath stared down at his younger brother with a wry smile.


Hugo held out four fingers, and in a cracked dry voice responded, “Four. There were four of them this time… and one was the size of a Goobbue.”


Halrath chuckled. “A Goobbue, huh?”


Hugo slowly nodded his head and weakly extended his arms to imitate the size. “Huge…maybe twice the size of a Goobbue!... I think I may have killed that one. That night is a bit fuzzy.”


Halrath shook his head and looked down at his nearly beaten to death brother. “We are guests in this place, Hugo. You can’t start a fight with every Sea Wolf that gives you a dirty look. What would father have said?”


Hugo chuckled. “He would have told me that I was a coward for not picking a fight with five of them.”


Both of the brothers laughed as Halrath used the jailer’s keys to unlock the cell door. Halrath walked over to his brother and helped him to his feet. Hugo placed his arm around his brother’s shoulder for support. With Hugo leaning heavily on his older brother then two Highlanders walked slowly toward the exit.


“Seven Hells you smell awful! Did you piss yourself?” Halrath exclaimed.


Hugo sniffed the air trying to catch a scent. “I don’t smell anything… Must be you.”


As the two walked down the corridor Hugo noticed a couple of guards slumped on the floor in pools of blood. Hugo motioned towards them.


Halrath kept his eyes fixed on the exit and nodded. “Hope you are well enough to travel. We need to leave Limsa tonight. I hear Ul'dah is nice this time of year. Maybe we need to dry out in the desert air for a while, No?”


Hugo’s shoulders slumped a bit. “…But Ul'dahnian ale tastes of dirt…”









((OOC: Not sure where this is going to go, but I figured I needed to stop thinking about and just write. Hope you enjoy."))

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A few days later...


“What do you mean you don’t have enough coin for the Ferry!!” Hugo screamed



Halrath, embarrassed by the mistake, roared back, “If I hadn’t spent my money trying to bribe the guards to let you out of jail, maybe we would have some!”


Hugo snorted. “Bribe!? You killed two of them!”


“Only after I ran out of money from bribing the first three!”, exclaimed Halrath.


Both brothers were silent for several minutes. The silence was eventually broken when Hugo’s deep voice cut through the night air.


“I have an idea!”


Halrath looked at his brother’s swollen and bruised face grinning from ear to ear, and instantly knew what his brother's idea was.


“No. No, we can’t do that. Seven Hells, Hugo. We can’t! We do not murder people for coin!”


Hugo, looking slightly hurt by the last comment, quipped back.“Firstly… we do murder people for coin… but only when we are hired to do it. That’s how we make a living.  Secondly, no one’s talking about murder. I’m just talking about a little robbery. No one gets hurt. The might get a little roughed up, but they certainly won't die... probably."


Halrath sighed, and after several long moments quietly gave in to his brother. “Fine… You’re the one with the big idea, you find the poor sop we need to rob.


Hugo pushed by his brother and walked toward the ferry dock while he grinned widely. “You think they’ll have ale on the Ferry?”









((OOC: I may be a bit rusty at this so comments and suggestions are always welcomed.))

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