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So there's the rabbit hole, right?


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Right, and you know what I decided to do? Follow this silly little rabbit (I'm looking at you, Paradyme) down the hole in hopes that it'll bring me some seriously grand adventure, something thrilling and twisted like the gnarled roots of the oldest tree you can think of -- and y'know? I think it might've been an excellent choice, should gut feeling serve me as well as it always has. The name's Krissy -- it's a pleasure to meet you. I hail from a decade long background in gaming and role-play, from Yahoo! chat to forum communities to a couple Ragnarok Online servers, to World of Warcraft, and several other places. I'm an average gamer with a heavy interest in story telling, and I tend to rehash old characters concepts for new ventures just about every place I go.


I've got a thing for playing vagrants and a passion for writing magic. (There's something amazing about reaching into the well of language and searching for a way to describe the hum n' thrum of energy, of the deep-veined roots of knowing, believing before seeing, and the conflict within the self, palpable and raw, to be so ready to bring it forth, what spell may come.) I'm ridiculously shy about jumping into things, so I'm definitely looking for people who don't mind a newbie to FFXIV rolling around with them.


That aside! If you have any questions, feel free to shoot them my way! I work full-time as the assistant manager of a coffee shop, and I also recently finished schooling for massage therapy. I play a lot of League of Legends in my off-time as well as haunting the fringes of a forum RP community.  I've got more free time than I let on, so I'm almost always interested in trying something new.


Merry meet, ya'll! Thanks for reading!

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@Alothia: Why thank you, sunshine! I certainly shall! C:


@Covikt: Huzzah! There's incredibly good vibes here, isn't there?


@Kaoru: OHAI DERE, DARLIN'. I have! It might take me a while to rocket onto Balmung (I probably won't till release day, honestly! But that's okay.)


@Teardrop: I don't have much to share - I'm kind-of terrible when it comes to writing things that aren't role-play related. However I do have a couple characters ready to go, so I'm super pumped for when I jump in game! Thanks for the welcome and I hope we cross paths!

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Ooooh. With an intro like that, I'm very much so looking forward to playing with you. Nothing like finding new and interesting ways to describe the mundane - to paint a new and engaging scene from the scent of wildflowers drifting down the windswept plain, to the scrape-and-sigh a weary adventurer sidling up to a table after a long day on the field.


Of course, it would help if I could create a character in both servers so I can dip my toes into both worlds.

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