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Bismark, my heaven (open)

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OOC : a short comment , this section is for me to do various things

1. practice my roleplay

2. to make friends who can roleplay with me

3. I'm hungry and do not come to Bismark unless you out for food

4. no other OOC comments other than this one

5. please don't join and then leave for 2 to 3 days please ...

6. let's all enjoy and let this rp grow





(Being hungry and sleepy , but mostly hungry the young Lalafell known as Mikhael enters this strange place which smells of food one of the few things he loves besides cats and stuff )

"I'm hungry, where's the food "

(staring along the entire place completely ignored by the nearest waiter whose name is not known)

"Hey , food server guy I'm here to eat!"

( the waiter could care less , since he was looking for some rich customers )

" hey!!" ( kicks the waiter and the waiter replies ) ' get lost'

( the kid replied ) " get me the owner cause I'm a payin customer "

( waiter shapes up and says ) 'sorry young sir what would you like'

( stares a bit irritated then gets calm ) " uhm, a list of food ya got here"

( waiter replies ) ' the menu sir' ( the waiter grins)

~ sigh ~ " no thanks , a list of all the food here would be better thanks "

( waiter leaves to bring menu with irritated look on face while the kid sits down on a table near by)

-- -- -- -- -- --

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