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Hi there, I thought RPing would make the game more interesting, so here am I!

By the by... I'm on ps3, are the servers compatible between PC/ps3 version? If not is Balmung still the RP server of ps3ers?


--MMORPG background

Hm, I've moved between lots of RPGs, though there are some I sticked with a lot longer than others, so I'll list the most important ones:


-Ragnarok Online (3~4 years)

-Cabal Online (1 year)

-Rusty Hearts (close to a year)


I've never played any FF online (XI/XIV 1.0) up to yesterday with the open beta of ARR, it got me hooked but I definitely felt like a bit of something was missing (the RP people everywhere makes thing lively).



--RP experience

I'll have to admit, I have very little amount of RP experience, even though I've always wanted to RP. English not being my first language (French is), it's always difficult to describe stuff and I end up mixing words/using the same words multiple times and looking silly. I've RP'd a bit on a few websites, but nothing really important.


--Character ideas/info

My first (and only so far) character is a female Lalafell Dunesfolk named Myrrhine Midna. I made up that name from two things I liked very much: FF Crystal Chronicles (Myrrh trees) and Midna, a character from Zelda: Twilight Princess.


Since I'm no good with descriptions, I'll post a pic:



(Are there any glasses item in this game? I'd really like her to wear some D: ).

She's extremely weak physically. And I mean it when I say extreme, as in she can barely run for less than 30 seconds before falling on the ground exhausted, and it's not until she was 15 that she managed to be able to stand and walk a bit. Walking is still difficult for her, but not as bad as before (She also uses her rod/wand as a support to make it easier on her).

Getting hit by a monster once or twice would render her unconscious, or worse.


On the other hand her aetheric resources (correct me on this, I've yet to make myself completely familiar with the lore) are off the chart. Being talented with magic was her salvation, she was able to do something, better than most even. She's also very smart.


Because of that, she started being interested a lot in magic, but soon, that interest turned into obsession, and all she craves for today is power, she would do anything for it.


Personality wise, Myrrhine isn't a very friendly or likeable character. Outside of her obsession, she has an inferiority complex. She will work twice as hard while cursing under her breath people that are better than her in the magical departement and hate silently those that are stronger than her physically out of jealousy. Those weaker than her, she won't even look at them as she think that it's a waste of time.

When talking she's pretty cold and sometimes even mean to everybody.


Her hobbies consist of reading an unholy amount of books to learn everything(which forced her to wear glasses as a result) since she considers that knowledge is power  and magic training.

Her magic is powerful but somewhat slow since she is forced to move her arms (y'know when casting puts the caster in that... awkward stance lol).


Her future job would be Black Mage.


--How did you learn about the coalition?

I saw this video:



--What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?

Hopefully I manage to be a correct light RPer lol, I'm aiming for medium though.


--Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc)


I'm in high school, aiming for college. I want to work on programming stuff.

I'm a huuuuuge fighting game fan. I absolutely love them, though I mostly play Blazblue (eagerly waiting for the one coming out in october!) and Injustice: Gods Among Us.


Well that's about it!

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