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The Creative Writing Game

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Okay, so this is a game that was introduced to me in a Creative Writing class that I took in college.


The rules are very simple...


The first poster(me) will present a basic phrase that is between 5 and 15 words long.


And then the audience(you) will try and write the same sentence, but with different context. By expanding on the sentence structure itself, as well as replacing words with synonyms or metaphors.


Example: Poster 1 : The tree's leaves fall to the ground.

Poster 2: The tree's foliage dance, in a graceful decent, to the earth.


The purpose is to sharpen creative writing mechanics by experimenting with different ways to write even the most basic of sentences.


1.) No more than 15 words may be used.

2.) Any combination or addition of words may be used, so long as the basic meaning remains intact.

3.) Every FIFTH poster must provide a new sentence to present to the community.


And we will start with the example!



The tree's leaves fall to the ground.


Edit: Feel free to leave commentar and other friendly chatter with your postings, so long as the actual re-write of the sentence itself is left at no more than 15 words.

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