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Greetings Roleplayers of Hydaelyn! The name is Locke, Charlie in real life but it find that much too dull. I am 23, currently living in London, England. I’m an Acting student in training; working part-time in a restaurant. I was thrilled to find that there was an already established roleplaying community here on Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Though I’ve only ever played the beta up to level 20, I can official confirm today that I have fallen in love with the game and everything about it. I am, of course, a new player though I am eager to delve deep into roleplaying in plots, events and expanding my own character whom I’ve given a great deal of love already.


MMORPG background

 - Final Fantasy XI (04-06)

 - Star Wars Galaxies (04-09)

 - World of Warcraft (06-09)

 - Lord of the Rings Online (06-13)

 - Star Wars: The Old Republic(11-12)

 - Guild Wars 2 (12-13)   


RP experience

My roleplaying journey began in 2004 when I came across a roleplay community based on Star Wars: Jedi Academy. There I learned how to create and establish a character, plot events and scenarios whilst also leading various player factions in the game.


It was not until 2006 however, when I discovered the Lord of the Rings Online, in which I truly became a well rounded roleplayer. There I created a number of very deep and detailed characters, writing background stories and forging relationships in game which drove my characters forward. Ever striving to push my characters with life-changing (and even life-threatening) events so that they never remained static, always changing and progressing.


Aside from LOTRO I also dabbled on text-roleplaying forums spanning across various different genres, also roleplaying for a year within the Star Wars universe once again on the most recent MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic.


I have been influenced by Final Fantasy since I was in my very early teens. I picked up Final Fantasy 9, pre-owned completely unaware how much of an impact it would have on me in the years to come. Without a doubt it influenced me as a roleplayer, storyteller and writer.


Character ideas / Infomation


Having become extremely attached to a character I’ve created and developed over many years, I have decided to make my main a tweaked second incarnation of the very same character. I don’t wish to give too much away, but he is by definition a ‘False Nobleman’ who has lied, cheated and woo’ed his way out of the gutter. I’ve written many tales about this character which I plan to post here on the forums. In short, his primary ambition once was wealth and titles but after a series of events; having fallen lost friends, endured love and struggled against the odds of the world, he has changed quite a fair bit over the years, though still maintaining his up-beat personality and charm.  


How did you learn about the coalition?


After playing the first phase of beta I immediately searched ‘Final Fantasy 14 Roleplay’ in google and found the website.


What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?


Though I am all for instancing, questing and overall gameplay I would label myself as a heavy roleplayer. In previous games that was my only motive to log on, to roleplay and meet new characters. I am quite confident that it will be the same case here on Balmung. I also really wish to find a group of like-minded roleplayers in form of a Guild in game.


Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc)


Not a lot to share which I haven’t said already really. My hobbies include theatre, gym and going out into London, drinking with rent money and as a result demonstrating to my friends and the world how ungifted a dancer I am.


I'm really look forward to meeting you all in game and more importantly, roleplaying with you!


- R. Locke

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Welcome R.Locke!


Looks like we've passed through many of the same games :) Do you feel like being an acting student helps out with your on-line role play? Are there skills you bring from there that help you out when interacting with other characters in game? I would think that there would certainly be some parallel :D


Hope to run into you in game :thumbsup:!

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I’d like to think so Teardrop! It most certainly makes me slightly cruel towards my characters in terms of throwing them around a bit, I’m pretty sure they’d want to kill me if we ever met in real life. So we share the same good taste in games? Hope to see you in Eorzea then! :D


Taeh Marchand you have just made my day, truly. I did have major concerns whether or not I’d be the only European on the server, however unlikely. But this is fantastic! I’ll be sure to sign up, thank you!

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I’d be honoured to join the family! I never really had any major concerns given the fact it would be highly unlikely that I’d be one of very few people from the EU coming to Balmung. I mean, as Balmung is one of the main roleplaying servers I was sure it would draw a lot of attention. Though, great having that confirmed! Hope to see you in game fellow English brethren!

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