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Everything or Nothing [Backstory]

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(This is a story I wrote for Faustina's entrance into the game hehe, not the greatest but still her backstory)


On a bright spring morning, the island city of Limsa Lominsa was bustling with activity as the townsfolk went about their daily business and travelers came and went. Atop one of the highest hills surrounding the city perched a young Miqo’te, laid out on her stomach watching the bustle of the city beneath her. A closed book rested on the grass near her. Lately there had been an influx of adventurers, and the commerce in her hometown was booming. Her mother was exceedingly glad of this, as her little stall in the bazaar was seeing much more traffic than usual. She sold a variety of handmade trinkets that were imbued with magic properties, which the normal townsfolk didn't have much use for.


Smiling a little, the one known as Faustina Myrron closed her eyes and thought of her parents’ history. Her father had at one time been a notorious pirate, captain of his own crew and perhaps one of the few Miqo’te who regularly sailed the waters at that time. He enjoyed this nomadic, beneath-the-law life until he met her mother, a poor fisherman’s daughter who lived in Limsa Lominsa. It was love at first site on his end, but it took quite a bit of wooing for him to win her mother over. After they married, her father gave up his pirating days and joined up with the Privateers. They had lived peacefully ever since, except for five years prior when Bahamut was released and they were made to scramble to survive the onslaught. Her father had had to use his skills from his pirate days to take them to safety far away from the mainland.


A commotion near her made Faustina open her heterochromatic eyes slowly to see what was going on. Just then, a bell began tolling and she jumped up. “I’m going to be late!” she exclaimed, dashing off a few yards before turning back to retrieve the book that had almost been forgotten. With quick, fast strokes, she gathered her speed and power before leaping off the hill with the graceful acrobatic ability her family was born with and landing a few tiers down unharmed. Steadying herself, she hurried on to where her mother’s market stall was.


“C’leantha, you are late,” her mother gently admonished. A few of the new regular customers seemed confused at the name Faustina was being called, and questioned her about it while her mother tidied up to meet her husband to pick up new supplies that were being delivered today.


With a quirky smile, Faustina explained. “We don’t really belong to a tribe here in the city, but my maternal grandmother was part of one of the larger ones. C’leantha is my birth name that my mother gave me.” Making sure that her mother was not within hearing distance, she added, “Just don’t ever call me by that name. Only Mother can call me that.” This was said with a pleasant smile but a strict undertone, and the customers merely nodded. They knew that Faustina had strange powers she could unleash if she was pressed enough, having seen her deal with a thief in that manner before.


Once she had bid goodbye to her mother and turned to the task at hand, it was not long before her mind began wandering. Being stuck behind this market stall was not really something that made her blood boil or her pulse quicken, but it did at least give time for daydreaming. The sound of a ‘wark!’ drew her attention suddenly, and she peered over the edge of the stall to try to see the source of the noise. A group of adventurers were riding chocobos through the street, and stopped to dismount and look at some wares a few stalls over. 


“I’ll be right back!” she said to her customers, running out from behind the stall and over to where the chocobos were standing waiting for their masters patiently. Reaching into a pocket, she pulled out some gysahl greens and fed them to the giant birds. Petting them gently, she whispered to them for a few moments and was rewarded with a wark and a few coos from them. Their owners finished their business and returned to their mounts, and Faustina bounced off the balls of her feet to move out of their way, waving as they left. 


Returning to her post, she let out a sigh. Her customers watched her with amusement. “You really like those birds huh?” one of them commented, and received a quick nod.


“That’s right. One day I’m going to run a chocobo farm, just you wait and see!” They both looked at her strangely, but said no more of it and finished making their purchases. 


Faustina continued minding the stall until her mother returned a few hours later with her father, a wagon full of supplies in tow. After helping them put away the new merchandise, she headed towards their home to prepare supper for her parents. Taking a different path than normal, a flier attached to a wall caught her eye. Stepping over to it, she read it out loud.


“The Adventurer’s Guild is now recruiting! Do you thirst for adventure, fame, wealth, or power? Please see us today to sign up!”


It wasn’t the most elegant or exciting flier, but it got the point across. Her mismatched eyes were focused on the word ‘wealth’, and a slow smile spread on her face. Yes, this was it! She would make her own way through this Guild, and she would have her chocobo farm! Snatching up the flier and stuffing it in her pocket, she skipped the rest of the way home. In a few days’ time she decided she would sign up for the Adventure’s Guild and begin amassing her wealth. She could not wait!

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