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X'tahjha Raha

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I.Basic Info 


  • Characters: X'tahjha Raha and Neris Loxley
  • Linkshells: OOC Coalition, LFRP and Lynx Tribe
  • Primary RP linkshell: Looking for one.


II.RP Style 


  • Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy):

It all depends on the situation, really, though I would say medium. I am currently still exploring the game and it has been taking up most of my time. When I do find the time to role play, I also wish to just focus on it and devote myself to playing my character. My English isn't superb, I tend to make small typos and need to go through a dictionary at times to understand certain words as English isn't my first language, but I do try to keep it fun for everyone, myself included.


  • Views on RP combat and injuries:

I am not a big fan of RP combat, though I am aware that it is unavoidable at times. Sparring, training, bar fights, defence, war... it is a part of certain life and play styles. It is one of the reasons I tend to avoid military based role play as every day training and sparring is essential. I do not support duels or PvP as a means for RP combat; I prefer written emotes rather than actually duke it out with my job's actions.


I am a supporter of the 'attempt' and 'try' emotes during combat and lay my trust in my opponent(s) to take some hits and have a good sense of when to lose and when to win. Godemotes are definitely not tolerated and have me leave a fight without warning. If the result in a fight is hard to determine, I don't mind a coin toss or a dice roll to let fate decide. I do however not enjoy a roll to determine the outcome of ALL my actions. In my opinion, an 'every emote roll' just slows things down and numbs down the sense of there being mutual respect, understanding and communication between the players in question.


I let my characters take believable injuries and also stick to them until the injuries are healed (by magic or naturally), though I will ignore death or heavy injury/mutilation emotes if not discussed OOCly before hand. With heavy, I mean getting an arm or leg chopped off or an eye taken out... not fun if that is forced upon your character without your consent.


  • Views on IC romance:

While I am alright with flirting and sometimes play a hard to get character, I won't participate in any romantic role play and beyond. This is mostly out of respect to my real life partner; if I were to involve myself into anything romantic ICly, it would be with his characters. I am perfectly fine with others falling in love to their heart's content and go mental on the romantic and carnal desires fronts. Seriously, have fun!


  • Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc):

I really like role playing family ties, one of my weaknesses is House RP. I don't mind my character's family/clan to be played by others, so if anyone would be interested then never hesitate to give me a little poke. I do hold a preference to create family ties with people I know and have role played with before.


  • Views on lore:

I try to stay as true to lore as possible with my characters, but I also stick to the mentality of not every character being the same as described in the lore. Every individual is different unless the race's lore specifically states that the racial members are clones and don't know any better than to do the very same as the other. I don't mind special snowflakes, as long as they are within reason and logic(!).


I find lore to be an important part of role play, but even I have to kick up some Wikipedia page to look up things during a role play at times. I surely never mind corrections if I got any lore wrong because it is quite a bit to get into one's head. If people stay true to the lore but also remain believably flexible about it, I have no problems with it.


  • Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc):

Channels are used for what they are for. I won't use /say for OOC banter unless it is absolutely certain everyone involved is not in character, there is a moment of casual fun or a non-RPer needs some help. I am not one who uses /yell or /shout all too often as it reaches a little too far than I find believably possible for, say, a scream. Just a little nitpick on my side... Whispers I take as IC unless the whisper I receive is typed within brackets or is too obviously a OOC matter. Party I use for both IC and OOC purposes, depending on the situation though mostly it will be for the OOC kind.


If a channel or linkshell is tagged as OOC, then I also use it for such.


III.Other Info 

  • Country: The United Kingdom

  • Timezone: GMT+1
  • Contact info: A PM on this forum or within the game will suffice, for now.

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