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Lurker Finally Saying Hello.

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So .. yeah. I've been a lurker on these forums for a long time (minus a post or two); partly because I'm shy, and because I haven't been part of the RP world for a long time. But with Early Access/official launch right around the corner, I figure it's now or never to introduce myself.


*waves* Hello, RPC! I love what you've done with the place.


I've been role-playing for about fifteen years. I got my start in Ultima Online and have since RP'd in a long list of MMOs (and sometimes forums, IM clients, etc). Table-top gaming has rarely been an option for me, unfortunately.


It's been a while since I've really dug into a MMO's lore and entrenched myself in a character. World of Warcraft was the last game I was truly devoted to in an RP sense. I was an officer in a heavy RP guild. I wrote stories and posted on forums all the time. The works. I've had smatterings of RP here and there in other MMOs since then, but nothing too involved or prolonged.


I hope to return to that kind of devotion in XIV, which is a surprise. I never thought this game would amount to anything more than a black spot on the Final Fantasy legacy (absolutely no offense intended for anyone who genuinely enjoyed 1.0). But I feel something when I log into my character that I haven't felt in the other MMOs I've sampled recently. And I want to chase that feeling.


Alrighty, rambling over. I look forward to making some friends here. =)

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Heya lurkerperson!

I doubt anyone will blame you for not having faith in 1.0, most who stuck around did it for the people and not the game. ^^;


That said, ARR has been pushing those bad memories away and giving me renewed hope and incentive to play and redevelop my old characters as well as create new ones!


Welcome into the fold. :)

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Welcome! I hope you enjoy yourself here. I played Ultima Online too! I was really young though and had no idea what the hell I was doing, but it was still ridiculously fun lol. I remember seeing people RP on UO and it looked really interesting but I had no idea what RP was at the time. But anyhow, I hope you enjoy RPing on XIV as much as you did in those other games though. Hope to run into you sometime!

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But I feel something when I log into my character that I haven't felt in the other MMOs I've sampled recently.


Thought I was the only one.


Welcome to the RPC. Enjoy your stay. It can be a madhouse sometimes.

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