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A old friend (Barios Cuarn backstory, open for comments!)


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A bright light. That’s all that could be seen as the old man opened his eyes. Blinking quickly several times, he’d lean back further into what felt like gritty soil. The surprise of the sudden bright light nearly blinding him. Squinting to keep his eyelashes over his eyes in some sort of filter until his sight could readjust. He would groan as he shifted in place. His body felt for the first time truly old. Clenching his jaw, he squeezed his hands a couple of times before placing them firmly in the gritty soil. “Sand..?”


                He managed to get out softly. His throat was sore, and dry. Licking his lips, he’d try to moisten his mouth. Pushing down into the sand, he’d pull himself up and against an object. Turning as quickly as his body would allow he discovered it only to be a tree with no leaves. It was dead, and only providing the most minimum of shade. Letting out a sigh, he’d turn to face outwards once again. Gently placing his head against the tree, his eyes, now somewhat recovered, looked outwards into the world. Slowly but surely he was overcome with surprise. Eyes scanning the area, no matter where he looked he could only see more, and more sand.


                Cursing several times, he would lean around the tree to see if it were the same on the other side. Shaking his head instantly when it looked exactly the same as its opposite end. Twisting himself back around, he stared into his lap, his thoughts racing.

“Where am I…how did I get here?”



                Closing his eyes he thought more, reaching up to rub his forehead.

“Was I knocked unconscious, and brought here?...” he spoke quietly once again. “But for what purpose?”


                As he spoke again the man heard something drop, and hit a rock close to the tree. Quickly turning to look he’d notice a small creature floating just a few feet away from him. Only about three feet in size, it looked as if it were a stuffed animal. It was covered in short white fur. Using its small bat like wings to keep itself up, it would tilt its head at him. Its short cat-like ears flopping to the side as well. The strangest bit was the antenna with a small red pom-pom on the top. As its head tilted the pom-pom went with it, a strange sound coming from it, almost whimsical sounding.


                Pulling himself away from the tree, he’d drag himself out of the shade and into the sun. Feeling the heat almost immediately, but the old man could not care. His eyes focused on the strange creature. It calmly floated after him, bobbing up and down gently as it did. The man grabbed a handful of sand, and threw it at the strange creature. Hitting it, it would fall down onto the ground, and cough, reaching up to rub its eyes furiously. “WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!” the creature spoke loudly, yelling at the old man. Still rubbing its eyes, but capable of somewhat looking at him.


                The old man did not know what to say, brow arched downwards as he quirked it in some confusion. “You…weren’t going to attack me?” he asked simply.


                The creature dropped its arms, seemingly content that it had gotten all the sand from its vision. Flapping its wings once more, it took off back into the air. Floating in front of the man before turning sideways and pointing to something by the tree. “I was returning that to you!” the creature frowned angrily back at the man.


Tilting himself to the side, the old man squinted to the tree. Looking around it that is when he saw it. “My…walking stick?” he quickly looked back to the white creature. “Where did you get that?!”


                The creature floated back to the Lance, picking it up with great effort then floated back to the man, dropping it at his feet. Letting out a small sigh of its own. Taking the time to closely study the creature, the man let out a sigh.


“You...You’re a Moogle!” he stated the obvious. “You actually exist?!” he shouted in shock. He had heard about such creatures in fairy tales, but never knew that those tales actually spoke true. He relaxed his guard somewhat, still keeping a keen eye on the newly discovered Moogle. It nodded to him, the frown fading from its face into what looked like a playful grin. Floating down, it sat on top of his lance.


“Slow down, slowdown!” the Moogle spoke kindly, forgetting that the man had just thrown sand in its face. “It’s probably better I start at the beginning…from when I found you.” It sat cross-legged,viewing the man with a strange type of interest. ((To be continued!))

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“Trees…more and more trees.” The Moogle spoke after the two are relocated themselves out of the sun, and back under the dying tree. “Nothing like this one..” it patted the friend that kept the sun at bay. “Full of life, energy…each screaming..yelling to one another to protect the saplings.” The wings on its back fluttered a moment before settling into its back comfortably. “Fire, death, panic. The forest was full of it. People…all different races. They were all running about trying to make sure their friends, and family were safe as the fireballs came down from the sky.” The Moogle glanced up as it spoke, almost as if it were expecting balls of flame to descend down at them once again. Letting out a sigh of relief, it continued the story once again.


                “That’s when I saw you..walking stick in hand, you were leading several youths..they called you ‘teacher’?” it tilted its head to the man as if seeking a sort of confirmation.


                The old man nodded his head “Indeed…I am..well..was a teacher. I taught many students how to survive in this world. Whether it be back knowledge or weapon usage. I tried to pass down whatever I could to whomever was willing to listen.” He leaned back against the tree, gripping his walking stick closer to his side. He’d squeeze it tightly as if it were the hand of a good friend.


                The Moogle smiled happily knowing what it heard had been correct. “The students then..they looked frightened…no.. they were frightened.The scent of it was all over them. You though..you kept smiling and reassuring them that everything would be alright.” The Moogle floated over, and patted the old man on the shoulder. “That was wonderful..one of the best sights I’ve seen in such a long time..that trust they held in you, and the confidence you gave off.”


                The old man let out a laugh,rubbing the back of his neck. “There was no time for anyone to be afraid…especially the children. I did my best…I thought I did my best..” he frowned, looking down at the sand below him. “People died that day, and there was nothing I could do..”


                Floating back down onto its bottom, the Moogle’s grin, tilted sideways. Figuring out what to say next, as well as remember what happened. “There was no way you could have foreseen what happened..those Ixal..They took control of the panic…and..” its expression changed dramatically to one that was almost in tears.


                “They killed many people that night..If I had more energy…I could have protected more..” the old man placed his head into his heads, deeply depressed by the memory.


                “But the ones you did save…they went on to save many more.” The Moogle was looking back at the man. “You reacted quickly, if I recall..the moment their axes fell onto...several of your.." it took a deep breath, closing its eyes. "Several of your students…you dropped your walking stick?” the Moogle looked over at the item in the old man’s hand. “The Ixal never saw the hit coming, I never saw that hit coming..” It looked back at the man only to be greeted with the bright blue eyes of his. “It had to of flown…twenty…no thirty feet!...But..but that wasn’t what stood out the most..it was those eyes of yours. The fury behind them…” It reached up to touch the man’s face.


                “You loved each of those students..you truly did.”


((To be continued!))

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