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Just another RPer. I'm re-making my vanilla FFXI character Ivven (I was on Ramuh the first 2 years of vanilla FFXI and then moved on to other games). I didn't RP him then, but I always did have a basic persona in mind for him - namely an arrogant ass of a paladin :D Not a villain, mind you, but probably a righteous glory hog who takes himself a bit too seriously.


My husband will also be rolling with me (he was on Ramuh as well back in the day) and playing his old character, formerly a red mage in FFXI, Dein Xceriis.


I have a lot to learn about the Lore of this particular game first though, I missed out on 1.0 because I was still pretty heavily involved in both WoW and EQ2 at the time.

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