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Greetings from Gridania! Wishing you were here!

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*cracks one eye open while laying under a shady tree, before standing up and cracking his neck*


So this is about the interview right? All right then, I'll see if I can't answer some questions you might have.


*crouches down, rests his right arm on his knee, the left being used to rest his chin*


Okay, let's get started then, shall we?





Well, I started playing MMO's back when I was 9 or 10, and some of what I played back then escapes me, but what I did play got me very interested. One's I've played recently (or remember from a while ago) are as such: Eden Eternal, Mabinogi, Luna Online (and Luna Online +), S4 League, Tales Runner, Shin Megami Tensei Online: IMAGINE, Digimon Masters, Spiral Knights, Lucent Heart, and etc. If I had been more up to date around the time of the original FFXIV, I would've jumped on it in a heartbeat, but sadly I was not, and I'm trying to make up for that. 


As you can probably tell from that list, I'm a bit of a nerd, and quite proud of it :D





I've participated in a good number of forums, with them either dying out or me feeling somewhat wronged by them and promptly dispersing. Needless to say, I've racked up some experience notches under my belt. I won't claim I'm a good at RP'ing, but I like to believe that I'm a decent enough writer who tries to make interesting posts and listens to others. I also try to make a RP as enjoyable as possible, whether that be through invigorating action or story, or maybe a nice, charming scene.


However, I've never done something like D&D, which I feel is a shame, and might try and get into sometime in the future.





I usually create a character that's somewhat reserved, but is a rather nice guy once you get to talking to him. I picked a Miqo'te for this reason, because they are usually predisposed to the solitary lifestyle, and I believe can be brought out of it to some degree given enough time.


I'm working on the idea, but here's the basic concept: a young Miqo'te (Keeper of the Moon)  bard who left his family to become his own person and live on his own after he becomes fed up with his father. He is a usually quiet person, but he will offer a comment when chooses to, and, if given enough time, can hold a rather friendly conversation. He has a good sense of direction, and has a tendency to make mental maps of places he's been. He also shows a good deal of musical talent, being able to sing rather well, and play a harp as well.


I kinda like the idea of a sort-of reserved, quiet bard who has left the safety of home to make something of himself after somewhat breaking his ties to his family.





I actually found it completely by chance while searching up linkshells and free companies on Google.





I prefer to be medium 75% of the time, staying in character when adventuring and hanging out, but sometimes it's nice to step out of my character's shoes and get to know the other players.





I am a student who hopes to get into the computer business, and to, some time after college, move to Europe (country of choice still undecided: considering France or Britain).

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Hello and welcome to the site, Naobi'to!


Show your nerd pride. lol I'm more of a dork but I don't discriminate. :P


Your Miqo'te sounds subtly interesting. It's a shame you don't see more Keepers around. A melancholy bard sounds like a good fit for a male Keeper in particular. I imagine he's the kind of guy who doesn't advertise but has one of those voices that make people stop what they are doing to listen.


Any questions or things to share please don't hesitate. This is a pretty welcoming bunch. Or if you see Desmond around in-game be sure and say hello. :D

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