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Alex Price


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I. Basic Info


  • Characters: Alex Price
  • Primary character: Alex Price
  • Linkshells: TBD
  • Primary RP linkshell: TBD
  • Free Company: TBD


II. RP Style



Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy):

Somewhere between medium and heavy. I'm a huge fan of RP and enjoy roleplaying every day, but I also like to experience what the game itself has to offer alongside it.


Views on RP combat and injuries:

I'm not one who usually enjoys RP combat with other players, but I'm aware that at times a situation calls for it so I do accept that it will happen.


A small battle with the use of attempted attack emotes are always fine by me, such as a drunken bar brawl. 


I'm also accepting of /random emote battles, where the action is used to determine whether an attack lands or misses. I usually take this approach if I'm RPing a battle with someone I don't know, or if I'm in a 'dungeon master' event and I'm aiming to hit the big bad guy. I usually make adjustments to this depending on characters, though. Such as less HP or higher rolls needed for a weaker character.


Injuries are something I enjoy to RP out, as long as it's not for a huge amount of time. Three days or so is fine, but I'd rather avoid having my character so severely injured that she's out of action for an entire month.


As for death, that would only be on the cards if I wished it unfortunately! If your character is trying to severely injure mine and kill her, please let me know and I'm sure we could arrange something of a compromise!



Views on IC romance:

IC romance is one of my favourite things about roleplay, despite how often it can become Soap Opera like. Alexis will likely develop feelings for a character at some point, and others are free to do the same to her if possible! As for ERP, I don't involve myself in it so if that's what you're interested in, I'm afraid you'll need someone else! I have no issue with it, I just prefer to keep my RP on the more 'cleaner side'. This also means I'd like to avoid witnessing the sort of thing in /s and /me as well, if possible! Party chat is everyone's friend!



Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc):

Family is a big part of Alexis' background, so if people out there are interested in rolling a family member please let me know! I would love to RP with people who are linked to her story in some way. She also has a few minor characters that aren't related to her that could also be made. This is something I'm also a huge fan of, so please don't be shy!



Views on lore:

Lore is a huge part of RP for me. It's the setting, it's the culture and really I always view it as the 'rules' we should play by. I'm a big fan of following the lore and don't really like to break it where possible. Bending it slightly to make an event/plotline/character work? I can accept that! Breaking it completely to force your concept into the setting isn't something I like, myself.



Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc):

For me, /say will be used for IC. /me will be used to show the emotes of my character. Some /linkshell will be used for IC and others OOC. As for Free Company chat, that for me will be OOC as I feel it represents guild chat from other MMOs, and I like to become friends with people I play with! So a little OOC chat is needed.


/party, /raid etc. and all else will be OOC for me, as well.


/tell will sometimes be OOC, IC if the situation calls for it. (Such as being whispered to)


III. Other Info


  • Country: China!
  • Timezone: GMT+8
  • Contact info: Please drop me a PM right here on the RPC. I'll be around every day! :)


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