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Useful Japanese Phrases.

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Or slang they use so you'll understand what they say in FFXIV. Some of these will be serious, some just funny. Feel free to contribute (Or correct me because my kanji is off often), or ask me to translate a phrase for ya.


w = Their version of LOL. W is the beginning of the word Laugh in Japanese (Warau or Wah-rah-oo). Saw this one constantly in FFXI.


ie ie~ - NP in Japanese. I'm not sure how this one works, as iie is No, but whatever.


Koko ni iru (ããã«ãã)ï¼I'm here. Good for when your in the area and need an invite or when they're unsure if you're AFK.


ââ - The Japanese IME is fun because you can type in phrases and get pictures if you want. Type "Hoshi", which means star, hit the spacebar twice and you get pretty star options after all the Kanji. Good for macros.


ãï¼(ah!) - I'm not sure any English speaker is going to use this, but it's used ALL THE TIME by the Japanese. It's just the letter A, but it's their exclamation. So when you see that, now you know they're like =O.


Aho ï¼ãã»ï¼ï¼You're gonna noticed most people who like anime and say they know Japanese use BAKA.I prefer Aho because it has a stronger meaning (Like Dumb Ass) and makes you seem less like a weeaboo. You'll also see JP use this when they don't think you can understand them =X


watashi wa anata no mikote no oshiri hoshii desu (ç§ã¯ããªãã®ãã³ãã®ãããã»ããã§ã) - "I want your Miqo'te ass". Go ahead, use this. I dare ya. Take out the anata no (Watashi wa mikote no oshiri hoshii desu) and it says "I want Miqo'te ass" which means you just don't care who it's from as long as there's a tail.

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