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Helloooo, HRC. I've been lurking about these forums for a little bit while I decided whether or not I wanted to take the plunge into another MMO and, weeeeelll, I guess it's happening! So hello, and nice to meet you all. C:



--MMORPG background

My first was probably Ragnarok Online when it was still in KRO-beta mode ages and ages ago and I can say that I've at least had some experience playing most of the big MMOs that have come since. FFXI was my first "real" MMO and while I have not been able to go back to it, I do still have fond memories of RDM. WoW was the one I stayed with the longest so if anyone might know me it would be as Delial of Feathermoon. Warhammer Online, Rift, SWTOR, Guild Wars 2, and Neverwinter have all seen their own Delials running about as well so hullo if I've seen you in any of those. 



--RP experience

I started poking around on the internet about 13 years ago and I've been RPing in one form or another since then. I started out in Yahoo! chatrooms (Ayenee!) doing paragraph RP with whomever and then I moved on to MMOs when that became a thing. Though it's a little odd, I've spent much of the last year between GW2 and admin/loremaster duties on Minecraft RP servers - yeah, they're a thing! I've been having a bit of difficulty getting back into the swing of more MMO-flavored things but I still enjoy it very much and look forward to meeting new (and possibly old!) folks to RP with. :>



--Character ideas/info

I have a certain love of morally ambiguous, almost anti-hero types so I will no doubt be rolling out something to that effect. My two true OCs which I seem to lug around with me in every MMO I pop onto tend to fall into the above so I'll no doubt be reincarnating them in one form or another here. Currently in the process of downloading that benchmark character creation thingy so I can play around with that until early access! Eager to try something more melee oriented as I have traditionally played casters (mostly healers) in previous MMOs, so... lalafell lancer? Sounds awesome. :>



--How did you learn about the coalition?

Just googled it out of curiosity to see if there would be any sort of RP communities forming up despite the lack of official RP servers, and here I am! 



--What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?

I... consider myself to be heavy-ish? in that I try to be IC at all times if possible, but not so much in that I expect to be orchestrating all kinds of crazy storylines and plots and so on. In that respect I am much more casual, not to mention much more comfortable. In a perfect situation I'll be able to join a heavily IC but otherwise casual FC to roll around with on Balmung as I have other friends on another server I'll likely be playing with as well.



--Anything from real life you'??re comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc)

I don't have any kids but I have six beautiful corn snake babies and a large cat who thinks he's a dog. 

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