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Value (OOC welcome!)

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(( Hello! This is my first attempt at writing a story for a character in a very, very long time, so I would love to hear thoughts and comments on it! Thank you for the time! ))




The desert winds were particularly unforgiving today. Hot gusts of air lashed the windswept figure, robed and hooded in black as he continued his steady trek down the worn path. Fenix kept his hand on his head to ensure the winds didn't blow his hood off, head bowed and eyes cast at the road to protect them from the stinging wind. The great city of Ul'dah loomed in the distance, completely dwarfing the man as he made his approach. His free hand rose and grasped the strap of his nondescript brown pack, shoulder shifting to readjust the heavy load. 


As he came to the Gate of Nald, he paused a moment and turned his gaze upward. Home. It was nothing less to him now, even if he had only been here for less than a year. He knew its streets as well as any, and he was oftentimes a familiar site wandering the streets. Turning his gaze straight forward, he continued on his way and passed through the gates. No time to waste on sentimentality, he had business to take care of.






Fenix stood at the nondescript stall in the Sapphire Avenue Exchange. The owner, a dusky-haired Miqo'te, had his back turned to the man currently as he fussed about his wares that stood on makeshift shelves at the back of the stall. Vases and other oddities, all antique from the looks of them. Fenix did not call for the distracted peddler. He simply waited. After a few minutes, the Miqo'te turned around and nearly jumped in surprise. "Ah, Fenix! I didn't know you were there!" The man quickly stepped forward to the counter of his stall, Fenix only offering a nod in greeting as he unshouldered his pack and setting it carefully on the counter-top. He pulled at the string keeping it closed as the Miqo'te waited expectantly, talking. "You were gone nearly a month this time, hm? I was beginning to wonder if something unfortunate had happened. I'm glad to see you home and well." Fenix looked up and only offered another nod in response. 


Fenix began pulling the contents of the bag out and setting them out to display to the peddler. They were antiques, dusty but most of them were in very good condition. Judging by the dirt upon them, they had long been buried. A large vase, a sword.. ten or twelve items in all. Once Fenix had finished, the Miqo'te leaned down and reached beneath his counter, laying out a piece of parchment and a stick of charcoal on the counter top. "Same as always, then. Give me a moment and I'll tell you what you have here.." The Miqo'te picked up one of the objects, turning it over in his hands and murmuring to himself. After a little bit of time, he set the object down and scribbled something onto the parchment. He repeated this with each object, until he had a complete list made -- details as to what the objects may be and what time they may be from, as well as a price value. And each object, it seemed, was quite valuable indeed. 


The Miqo'te shook his head in amazement as Fenix looked the list over intently. "I gotta say, Fenix, I'm still damn impressed with your eye. You never fail to bring in good items. So.. sellin' any of them today?" Fenix rolled the parchment up and slid it into his robe with a shake of his head. He untied his coin purse from his belt and counted out a handful of gil, setting it on the counter -- payment for the appraisals. Afterwards, he began to pack up his items again with only a few words, "Sorry. Not for sale." The Miqo'te gave a long sigh, shaking his head again. "I knew I shouldn't have asked. Not even once you've bothered to sell anything you've found, not to me or anyone! Hell, it seems like I'm the last person that ever sees the damn things until you take them to who-knows-where! You don't sell them, trade them, display them.. What do you do with them? Why do you keep them?" Fenix offered no response. He finished packing his belongings and shouldered the pack, offering the Miqo'te a nod of thanks and then he was gone, leaving the Miqo'te watching after him, confused as all of Fenix' visits tended to leave him.






Fenix opened the creaking door to his home. He stepped inside and quietly shut the door behind him, locking it. His house was nondescript, both on the inside and the out. A simple three-room home. The main room had a table with two dusty chairs, as well as three bookshelves stacked to the brim with many different books. To the right was the bedroom, nondescript as well. A bed, nightstand and a chest of his clothes, nothing more. But it was the room on the left that seemed to stand out, if only because of the door.. it was much sturdier-looking than even the front door, with three seperate locks. It was this door that Fenix approached. 


The three locks didn't seem to fit keys. They were ornate as well, much more expensive-looking than anything in the rest of the house. Fenix raised his hand, touching the first lock and focusing his gaze. The lock began to glow and with a click, unlocked -- apparently, the locks responded to magic. He repeated this motion with the other two locks and opened the door, stepping inside.


This room was by far the largest of the home, and its contents would likely leave many speechless. The room was filled with treasure -- not Gil, but valuables of all sorts. Antiques, jewelry, armor and weapons.. all of exquisite quality and great value. He gazed upon his small horde a moment, the Miqo'te's question running through his mind again. 'Why do you keep them?'


The answer is simple, he thought to himself as he unshouldered his pack.


All that has value in this world is mine.

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