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Hello everyone! I am Red D'Lai and as you may notice I am new here. Nice to meet you! Based on that sticky template here is some information about myself to break the ice.



--MMORPG background



 I have played a bunch of MMORPG's but I have not stayed a long time in most. The ones who made it for me were Ragnarok Online, FFXI and now FFXIV. RO was my first MMO experience and it has a special place in my heart. FFXI destroyed a few years of my life and also forged unforgetable memories. I can go into lenghts of why i loves FFXI so much... but i digress. FFXIV is the next step for me, started playing day 1 and have been looking forward to ARR ever since they announced version 2.0. The sense of immersion i get in the game is so unbelievable. I can just sit on a bench for hours without doing anything important, calm... happy... =)


--RP experience


 My first RP experience was in gaiaonline a lot of moons ago. It wasn't a lot, but i loved creating a character and thing what would they do, how would they react! I have been meaning to play some pen and paper games with some friends but my off work schedule is so hectic that its hard to do, specially while playing FFXIV. BUT i found out the server i transferred to is the unofficial RP server... So here i am joining the RP community in FFXIV


I have not RP'ed on an MMO before.


--Character ideas/info


  I went ahead and started a profile for my character on the wiki. As of writing this is very incomplete, but I figured her story will come to mind as I play. 


--How did you learn about the coalition?


 Sequence Break podcast!


--What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?


  If i understand the meaning right then i aim to be light/medium. I have not RP'ed on an MMO before so i will settle on a style as i go.


--Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc)



Real life... hmmmm....



I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, now living and working in the states. English is not my native language, so please be gentle (reminds me lately a friend told me my English is better than a lot of people whom English is their first language ). I work as a game developer for a company. My actual title is software engineer, i work making video games.

My hobbies include:

  • Coming up with characters in my head. have about 3 stories i would like to develop but never do
  • I play violin (reminds me i havent practiced in a month ) I am fairly good at learning songs by ear
  • I do Kung Fu ( Choy Li Fut style ) I am currently purple sash
  • I LOVE music. I have to be listening to something almost all the time. my taste in music is varied. Taking a real liking to international music. At first i listened to Japanese music because anime and such but i have liked music from: Russia, Japan, Sweden, Brazil and others.


So thats stuff about me! Again nice to meet you, feel free to drop me a message in game if you want to RP or just chat and have fun around. I would love to make new friends! If you have a tumblr you can find me here

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Hi there! Welcome to the RPC! Hope you enjoy your time here, it's a great community to become a part of I have to say!


I can totally relate about XI destroying years of my life. Darned game took them from me without asking!


(I kid. I totally gave them willingly. Oh, sweet memories...)


As for being new to RP in MMOs, don't fret! Everyone is new at some point, and I'm sure everyone will be happy to help you along if you have any questions.


If you ever see me running about feel free to send me a /tell or start up some RP! I'm always up for some or a chat. :)


Hope you enjoy your time here! :D

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Hello, RedDLai :D !


Oh, look, Alexis...another fan of Japanese music! Shall we share with everyone the dance of your people (inside joke pon pon wei wei wei :P)?


You look like you already have a great concept for your character...did you do the drawing of your Miqo'te in your wiki :surprise: ?


Welcome to the community, hope to run into you in-game :thumbsup:

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Ooh! A gaming software engineer! My dream job! And a Kung Fu practitioner too!

Welcome to RPC!

Anybody got slice of cake left? No? How about the cherry? None left too? Oh well... 


Hey, I do Kung Fu too in my... healthy, active youthful days! no I'm not proud of my current lifestyle. What style is it eh, I don't really remember, but it was more of a show arts though; to perform the Lion and Dragon Dance. :D


Hope to run into your lovely cat in game! :moogle:

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@Alexis Price & @ Barios



Thank you, you guys are already making me feel welcomed~






Thanks, theres a lot i need to add to her, i havent thought of any back story and the such. Also there are details i dont know what to do with. For example: should i present her as a Dragoon and/or Black Mage?



I have made a drawing of here but the one on the wiki was commisioned from a friend.



@ Falkner



This was my dream job too! I was so excited to see it realized~

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