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Introduction to the Vylbrand Academy

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Vylbrand Academy of Mystics, Tactics, and Trade was founded in Limsa Lominsa roughly four and a half years after the Calamity struck the land. Currently in its first six months of public operation with a year prior in private operation, the Academy serves as a place of learning and training for potential candidates with significant capability, to develop their skills and beyond.  The Academy is also the feeder organization for the Free Company known as the Unsung Heroes.In this four-part series, we introduce to the reader to the Academy staff, as well as the three Schools of Discipline found within this institution of higher learning.  The following information is found in the Academy handbook, provided to all incoming and returning students and staff.Part 1:  The Vylbrand Academy Department of School and Student Services.


Welcome to the Department of School and Student Services!

My name is Tralala Trala, Administrator of the Department of School and Student Services.  I'd like to take a moment to explain the purpose of this department, and how we support the students, staff, and instructors here at the Vylbrand Academy of Mystics, Tactics, and Trade.This department's role is to support the instruction and research mission of the Academy, as well as ensuring the students in attendance receive the necessary preparation and  assistance so that they may become our bright and successful flower blossoms of tomorrow...or Paladins, or Black Mages, or any other job of their choosing if being a product of horticulture isn't their thing.What we do for Instructors:  Those with positions of tenure within the Academy, as well as recognized Student Teachers and Tutors should utilize this department for such things (though not limited to) as scheduling common classroom and practice ground spaces to avoid usage conflict, request test materials and test subjects as required by the current curriculum (live subjects require 5 days advance notice), coordinating with city state governing bodies to ensure the smooth and properly greased permit process is followed for field trips into Gridania and Ul'dah jurisdictions, requesting sanitation and reconstruction support after especially successful lab work, and any other potential situation where the Instructor may require items, travel, labor, or other support outside their limited capability to obtain.  If you need it, ask for it...it may take me a bit, but I'll get it!What we do for Students:  Student Services strives to ensure our cadets are positioned to get the most of their Academy training, and this required building a good base for a relaxed and ready body and mind.  Dormitory and food vouchers can be obtained through our department, as well as the required student uniform for wear while attending classes on Academy grounds.  We also provide counselling and health services for those students suffering from maladies both mental and physical...feeling down?  Come talk to Tralala!  Pupils can feel free to come to the Student Services office at any time, and I'll do my best to help out with whatever you need!I also support the comings and goings of the Academy Headmistress, Elisea Renyven.  If anyone requires audience with the Headmistress in a scheduled, official capacity, please let me know.  Though the Headmistress may be out and about and readily available to approach and interact with during normal Academy operations, things that require a formal attendance or audience should be pre-approved and coordinated through this office.Please feel free to approach me at any time to talk about what I can do for you!  With so many hats to wear within the Academy, you may just see me as a pink blur flashing between one place and another, but if you hail me, I'll stop and talk.  I also work as the Administrator of Admissions, so anyone interested in applying or learning more information regarding the Vylbrand Academy should contact me directly through normal Moogle-mail, Attn: Tralala Trala.  Again, welcome to the Department of School and Student Services...lets work together!

Tralala Trala

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